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Nikkie Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring - Royal Coster Diamonds
Nikkie Solitaire Ring 18K Yellow Gold - Royal Coster Diamonds
NIKKIE X Royal Coster Diamonds
Nikkie Cluster Ring
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  • Carat 0.09
  • Clarity Small Inclusions
  • Color Top Wesselton
  • Cut Brilliant
  • Stones 1
  • Material 18K Yellow Gold

Nikkie Cluster Ring

This diamond ring made of solid gold is part of the Diamonds by NIKKIE x Royal Coster Diamonds collection.

  • About Royal Coster Diamonds: Royal Coster Diamonds was founded in 1840 and is therefore the oldest diamond cutting company. The diamond jewelry is designed and cut at Museumplein in Amsterdam. The diamonds here have been made for Queen Victoria, Empress Sissi and our own royal family. For more information visit
  • Information about the stone: Royal Coster Diamonds only uses the highest quality rough diamonds for its jewelry. These are cut by our master cutters and then processed into these jewelry by our in-house goldsmiths.
  • Authenticity statement: All diamonds from Diamonds by NIKKIE x Royal Coster Diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity. This lists all the characteristics of the diamond, such as weight, purity, color and cut. The certificate also entitles you to the lifetime upgrade guarantee from Royal Coster Diamonds.

Product reference: 1012018Y18


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The 4C's

The 4C's of a diamond are the four key characteristics that determine the quality and value of a diamond: cut, carat weight, color, and clarity. Together, these four characteristics are used to evaluate the quality and value of a diamond, and are considered when determining a diamond's price.
The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats and points (1 ct = 100pt). ‘Carats’ come from ‘Carob’ seeds, which were originally used for their constant weight in nature (1 ct = 0.2 g). The carat and the color are the factors that influence the most the final price of the diamond.
Diamonds are found in nature in different colors. White diamonds can be more or less yellow and are categorised with a letter between D (commonly known as ‘River’) to Z . The different naming systems vary depending on the certifier. Diamonds are also found in all colors; the rarest colors are classified as Fancy-colored diamonds.
The clarity is a gemstone's relative freedom from internal imperfections. These imperfections are observed with a x10 magnifier ('loupe') and affect the final value of the diamond differently.
The cut is the diamond’s shape. A cut grade describes the proportions of the cut and the quality of its symmetry and polish. A perfect cut makes the best sparkle.