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Jewelry Trends For 2022
Necklace trends Ring trends Earring trends Maximalism 2022 will be about maximalism, large jewelry that is visible to everyone, especially in the color yellow-gold. This year’s motto is ‘Maximize Your Jewelry’. As many rings as possible, as many earrings as possible and layers of necklaces and rings. In addition, the jewelry must also have their maximum size. Big pearls, big gemstones and big chains. More is more in 2022 Necklace trends Chunky Chains Chains have been an indispensable part of the trends for a long time, and in 2022 this will be no different. Next year the chain will be chunkier than in 2021. Back then it was already big. The chunky chain will be seen in all possible ways, as a necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings, but even as a belt. In necklace form you see them most as a very long necklace or as a choker. Chokers The choker is back in fashion! Not just as a simple chain, but there are many other types of chokers for 2022. You will see them with gemstones, including diamonds, in various shapes. Definitely a must-have Long necklaces Long necklaces with a larger charm at the end or long chunky necklaces are a trend in 2022. This charm can be, for example, a large logo or a large gemstone. You will see these long necklaces in Y-shape a lot this year. Pearls Pearls are timeless and classy. They will never be out of style and you can wear them anytime, but the way they are worn can vary. In 2022 they will be perfectly round, they will not have the natural shape of pearls. The pearls can mainly be seen in necklaces, but you will also find them a lot in bracelets and earrings. Different layers Wearing one necklace isn't enough in 2022. The more layers, the better. This can be a mix of very long necklaces to chokers and everything in between. This means that you can combine all the trends mentioned above with each other. Ring trends Big rings Rings are one of the most popular jewels to wear. In 2022 everything is big and so are the rings. They have to stand out. You want people to admire your jewelry. You will love these large rings in our store Ring on each finger More is more, you could say that for most jewelry in 2022, but for rings it is definitely More is More. Preferably a ring on each finger, or even several rings on each finger. This is a trend that is also popular for men. These rings you see in this trend are often the larger rings, but you can also combine them with smaller rings. Earring trends Big stones An important trend that you will see a lot in 2022 is the earrings with large stones, both diamonds and other gemstones can be seen in these earrings. These stones can be worn directly on your ear but also as hanging earrings. Next level hoop earrings Hoop earrings are never out of sight. In 2022, these will become bigger, statement earrings. Square, Furry and Chunky are all planned for 2022. So they are not the long thin rings of a few years ago. Chandelier Earrings Not only will earrings be thicker in 2022, they are also longer. Earrings that resemble chandeliers are a trend. This means long, sparkly earrings. You know them from every red carpet in Hollywood, usually combined with a beautiful designer dress or with a casual outfit for contrast. They are perfect for every party. In recent years, the whole world has become more aware of the impact we make on this planet. As a result, ethically responsible jewelry has become popular. Royal Coster Diamonds has been working with reliable suppliers to ensure ethically sourced diamonds for years. These diamonds have a worldwide recognized certificate so that you can be sure that there are no Conflict diamonds and you can enjoy all the sparkles with an honest feeling. If you are interested in our products, you can view our range on the online shop or make an appointment to visit us. For more information or questions, please contact our diamond consultants.
The year of the Ox
The Ox is associated with Hardworking and honest The hours 1-3 in the morning In the terms of Yin and Yang the Ox is Yang The most recent years of the Ox are 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021. People born in these years have the Ox as their Chinese zodiac sign. The most important characteristic of the Ox is their honesty. They are low key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention. This often hides their talent, but they’ll gain recognition through their hard work. They believe that everyone should do what’s asked of them and stay within their bounds. They rarely lose their temper, they think logically and make great leaders. Men born in the year of the Ox Men that are born in the year of the Ox are reliable and trustworthy. They put their entire heart into everything they do. In their daily life, they are down-to-earth, hardworking and courageous. They also feel a great responsibility towards their family. This is why they work hard to improve themselves and to make a better life for their family. However, due to their confidence, they want everything to be planned and like everything to be in a tidy and fixed pattern and don’t allow anyone to go against their rules. When it comes to love, they love a well-mannered and honest partner. They want to be able to rely on their loved one and get spiritual support when they are down. Women born in the year of the Ox Women that are born in the year of the Ox are calm and gentle. They will never surrender to fate and rarely think of choosing an alternative. They know how to analyze problems rationally and they are gentle, cultivated and understanding. Women born under the Ox sign hold an optimistic attitude towards life. They love life and never yield to any setbacks. They deal with anything in a methodical and fixed pattern and they are clean and orderly. When it comes to love they have clear goals. They never compromise, instead they wait for their Mister or Miss Right. Who do Oxen go best with? Oxen deal best with Rats, Snakes, and Roosters. With Rats because they have complementing personalities and hold the same goals in life. Snakes because they give warmth and romance and they also offer help and support when it comes to working. And the Ox is attracted to Roosters because of their soft and loving heart. Goats, Horses, and Dogs do not cooperate well with the Ox. With the Goats, it’s because they cannot tolerate each other’s differences. It is difficult to deal with the Horse because they have a free and wild spirit and may not have a serious attitude towards life. The Ox tolerates the Dog but it is hard to find common ground. The Ox’s lucky charms The colors blue, yellow, green, and numbers 2, 6, and 10 bring happiness to the Ox. If you are an Ox, the most suitable birthstones for you are emerald, pink quartz, and lapis lazuli. The emerald is for raising your self-esteem, pink quartz for luck, and lapis lazuli for connecting with your inner self. The directions towards the east, southeast is the direction of auspiciousness for the Ox. The direction towards the northeast is the direction of wealth and towards the south is the direction of love. Oxen at work Oxen look for long-term and steady work. Because of this, they are very diligent in school and perform well in every subject. This helps build a strong platform for any future career path. They would feel great stress if working in a flexible and unformatted job such as journalists, brokers, and salesmen. Suitable jobs for the Ox include politicians, artists, and consultants. No matter what career they choose, it must be something they are really interested in. Although they may be okay with any job that fits their skills, they should take the time to find something they love. Only in a stable environment that matches their passions, are they able to find their true calling. Health and lifestyle Oxen are generally very healthy and fit. Hospital visits are rare but this can lead to overconfidence. Neglect during youth will result in problems in the later years. Because they are very hardworking, oxen can sometimes go for days with little food and rest. In the middle stages of their lives, Oxen can suffer from heart diseases and joint pains. To avoid them, Oxen have to remember to take a break every once in a while, stretch, and relax. The year of the Ox in 2021 The year of a person’s birth sign, known as Ben Ming Nian (本命年), is believed to be unlucky because of its conflict with Tai Sui (the God that grants people fortune). Therefore, 2021 will be a turbulent year for the Ox. You may encounter unexpected challenges, especially in your career and studies, which can leave you feeling stressed out, distracted, and emotional. The heavenly element Xin of 2021 belongs to Metal. This will help the Ox to some extent. The key to overcoming any potential bad luck is to strengthen your morale. Use this time to cultivate your relationships. With the support of your family and friends, you will likely manage to navigate any difficulties and gain a deeper appreciation for what you have.
Royal Coster takes over Diamondland
The heart of the diamond district Founded in 1983, Diamondland was integrated in a part of an existing diamond factory. The ambition was to showcase a vast amount of diamonds and diamond jewelry to their clients. With showrooms of 1000 m2 and more than 1.500 pieces of diamond jewelry and unset diamonds, Diamondland was the largest diamond shop in Antwerp. The location was in the absolute heart of the famous diamond district. Therefore, there was no better place to buy diamonds. It was the perfect business in the perfect location. Diamondland & Royal Coster Diamonds Because of the short lines to the diamond bourse and its location, Royal Coster Diamonds bought Diamondland Antwerp. However, we could not guarantee our high-quality standards anymore. Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision to close Diamondland. But do not worry, we are here to help. Diamondland customers are welcome at Royal Coster Fortunately, we are able to give all (former) customers from Diamondland the quality of service they deserve. Therefore, we provide the same lifetime warranty for all products purchased at Diamondland between 2013 and 2019. All agreements you made with Diamondland are still valid. Perhaps you want to upgrade your diamond or simply want to have your jewelry cleaned professionally. Or maybe you saw a diamond piece you loved at Diamondland, but didn't have the chance to purchase it yet. You can do all of this at Royal Coster Diamonds in Amsterdam. If you have a specific question, please contact us. Our diamond consultants are standing by to help.
The Diamond Plant
The Pandanus Candelabrum The plant itself is actually not that remarkable. Botanists never paid much attention to this palm tree. At least until people found out diamonds “grew” under the roots of these plants. The Pandanus Candelabrum is also known as the diamond plant The diamond plant A Pandanus Candelabrum is very important to people who look for new locations for diamond mines. According to geologists, diamond hunters go nuts when they find this plant. It looks like diamonds grew under these plants, but actually it is the other way around. This plant thrives perfectly on Kimberley rock. And where is kimberlite, there are often diamonds. Kimberlite ground Diamonds are formed at hundreds of kilometers deep and under intense heat and pressure. Sometimes a load of lava decides to surface. The lava takes surrounding rocks and layers with it. In that surrounding rock, the Kimberlite, has diamonds locked up inside it. This is how they come to the surface. A rough diamond inside Kimberlite It can easily be centuries ago that these eruptions happened. Or even longer for that matter. The fire of the eruption has eroded and became part of the surface. The Pandanus Candelabrum plants feel at home in a soil that is rich in magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Coincidental, the Kimberlite is very rich of these substances. Stephen Haggerty Stephen Haggerty was a mineralogist at Florida International University. He and his team made the discovery of the unlikely combination of the palm tree and the diamonds under it. He described their discovery in the Journal of Economic Geology. First known plant that unveils the presence of diamonds There are plants that indicate the presence of certain metals and minerals in the ground. For example, plants that unveil the presence of copper. But because of Haggerty’s discovery, geologists and mineralogists found a new and easy way to find these beloved sparkling beauties, for me to polish. More interesting diamond facts Do you want to learn more about diamonds? Or get stunned by other interesting diamond facts? Book a Diamond Masterclass Deluxe with Frank or one of our other master polishers. Here you learn how to polish your own diamond and keep it.
January birthstone January’s birthstone is the grenade. A grenade is a semi-precious gemstone. The color of this birthstone is deep red. But it also comes in other hues. The grenade stands for: Friendship Purity Protection against the devil Gem meaning grenade It’s not 100% clear what grenade means. Some believe it’s from the old English word “gernet”, which means “dark”. But it’s also possible it is a corruption of the Latin word “granatus”, that refers to the seeds of the pomegranate. February birthstone February’s birthstone is the amethyst. An amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone. The color of this birthstone varies from light violet to deep purple. The amethyst stands for: Sincerity Spirituality Protection against drunkness and addiction Gem meaning amethyst Amethyst comes from the Greek words “a” and “methystos”, which roughly translates to “none-drunk”. People used to think the amethyst would protect them against drunkenness. March birthstone March’s birthstone is the aquamarine. This is a light blue gemstones. Just like the two birthstones above, the aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone. It comes in all shades of blue. Varying from sky blue to ocean blue. The aquamarine stands for: Happiness in marriage Creativity Strengthening of the senses Gem meaning aquamarine Aquamarine also originates from Latin. “Aqua” and “marina” mean “water” and “sea”. People considered aquamarines as the gemstones of mermaids. Because the color is similar to the ocean, seafarers wore it as a good luck charm to keep them safe. April birthstone April's birthstone is the Diamond. Obviously, I can talk for hours about this gem. Diamond is the hardest gemstone of all. In general, a diamond is white. But it also comes in other colors. We call the bright-colored ones “fancy colors”. Diamond stands for: Beauty Power and strength Eternal love Gem meaning diamond The Old Greek are responsible for the name. They thought diamonds were the tears of the gods and called the gemstone “adamas”, which means “indestructible”. From adamas, it became adamant, which turned into (a) diamond. May birthstone May’s birthstone is the emerald. This is the oldest and probably the most famous gemstone. Every emerald is green. But the intensity of this green is different from stone to stone. Because of its frivol color, we associate the emerald with spring. The emerald stands for: Eternal youth and spring Love and loyalty Strengthening relationships Gem meaning emerald Just like many other gemstones, the name emerald originates from the Latin and Greek language. They called the stone “marakata”, which roughly translates into “green growing things”. Over time, the name changed to “smaragdus” and later to “esmaraldus”. These words mean “luxurious green stone”. June birthstone June’s birthstone is the pearl. Though it is not a natural stone, the pearl is still considered a semi-precious gemstone. Living creatures form pearls. An oyster transforms a grain of sand into a shiny pearl. Pearls are usually white. But they also come in other colors. The pearl stands for: Elegance Love and friendship Sincerity and loyalty Gem meaning pearl Pearl comes from the latin word “perla”. Already centuries ago, people used pearls to show ones inner and outer beauty. To this day, we still find pearls in the most beautiful jewelry. You could say not much has changed. July birthstone July’s birthstone is the ruby. The color of this birthstone is red. Rubies are precious gemstones. Just like sapphire, the ruby is a variety of corundum. But inside is a certain amount of chrome that makes the stone red. This red ranges from light violet to blood red: Eternal love Passion Balance and harmony Gem meaning ruby Many people and religions had their own superstitions about rubies. The precious gemstone’s meanings date even back to 200 BC. People thought that rubies would protect them. Many went through great lengths to incorporate the stones in their lives. They put them into their clothing, offer them to the gods or even sew them under their skin. Ruby comes from the Latin word “Ruber”, which means “red”. People used to think the ruby had a fire inside it. That’s why the stone represents love, fire and passion. August birthstone August’s birthstone is the peridot. Often mistaken for emeralds, peridots are yellow-green semi-precious gemstones. Some call the peridot “stone of the sun”, because it reflects the light in a stunning way. The peridot stands for: Protection against negative influences Self-reflection Relaxing and healing effect Gem meaning peridot The word peridot comes from the old Greed word peridona. Roughly translated, this means: “give enough”. Peridot was often associated with welfare, so that would explain its quirky meaning. Nowadays, many people wear the peridot in jewelry. Alternative medicine advices people who cannot come out of a negative spiral to wear it since it supposedly has healing powers. September birthstone September’s birthstone is the sapphire. One of the most famous precious gemstones in the world. Almost everyone knows the big sapphire in Diana’s and later Kate’s engagement ring. But sapphires are not always blue. They come in many other colors except red. In that case we call them rubies. The sapphire stands for: Wisdom Strength Loyal love and friendship Gem meaning sapphire Sapphire comes from the Greek word “sapphirius”. This means “blue stone”. The ancient Greek thought the gemstone that symbolized the sky and heavens would attract godly wisdom. That’s why many of them carried a sapphire with them for guidance when they asked the gods for answers. But also in other cultures, people attribute godly or holy characteristics to the sapphire. October birthstone October’s birthstone is the Opal. Opal is a semi-precious gemstone. It is a variety of quarts and comes in many colors. There are so-called regular, fire and noble opals. The noble opals have brighter colors and are more valuable than regular ones. An interesting fact about opals is that they partly consist of water. The opal stands for: Mental strength Health Visibility and protection of vision Gem meaning opal Opal comes from the word Úpala. This means gemstone in old Indian. The opal captures all colors of the rainbow. Many people adore it. So it’s no surprise the Romans called the opal “the King of Gemstones”. To this day, opals make very fine stones in different kind of jewelry. November birthstone November’s birthstone is the Topaz. The mineral and semi-precious topaz comes in many colors. Often it is yellow-goldish, but also white, blue, green and grey are not uncommon. Topaz can even be entirely colorless, just like a diamond. When heated, it can turn blue or pink. The topaz stands for: Happiness and love Compassion Making others feel good Gem meaning topaz The ancient Greek first found the semi-precious stone at the island Topazius or Topazos (currently: Zebirget, Egypt). They called the stone after the island. The Greek believed the topaz enhanced their strength. They also thought it gave them the ability to make oneself invisible. December birthstone Regarding the birthstones, December is actually a stranger in our midst. Because this month has not one, but two official gemstones: turquoise and tanzanite. Turquoise Turquoise is one of the most beautiful green-blue minerals. Real turquoises are rare so there are many fake ones circulating of this semi-precious gemstone. The turquoise stands for: Balance and inner peace Creativity Empathy Gem meaning turquoise Turquoise thanks its name to its color. It is probably one of the oldest (semi-precious) gemstones known to man. The Native Americans considered the turquoise sacred. Tanzanite We often call tanzanite a rare gift of nature because its color depends on the viewing direction. Some see the semi-precious gemstone as purple, while others see a blue or red stone. The tanzanite stands for: Profound wisdom Truth Spirituality Gem meaning tanzanite Tanzanite comes originally from Tanzania. However, initially people thought tanzanite was a variety of sapphire. Tanzanite became famous to the public thanks to Tiffany & Co. who put the gemstone in jewelry. Your gemstone, your jewelry Are you looking for a birthstone jewel? To discover our birthstone collection, please click here.
Interview: Opinions of a Female Diamond Polisher
For how long have you been a diamond polisher at Royal Coster Diamonds? "I started three years ago at Royal Coster Diamonds. The first months as a trainee, I learned how to polish the 57 facets on a brilliant. After one year, I earned my diamond polishing certificate. In my second year, I started learning how to work with rough diamonds and transform them into polished ones. My training is not done yet. It takes four to six years to become a master polisher and I’m learning how to work with different types of rough diamonds." When did you know you wanted to become a diamond polisher? "Before I started working at Royal Coster Diamonds, I was actually studying HBO Gemology. However, that study only focused on the inside of the stones and how to identify gemstones. But I think no gemstone can exist without polishing. After polishing, the stone becomes alive. That’s when I realized I want to be a polisher of the gemstones instead of only dealing with them internally." How did you learn to master the craft of diamond polishing? "Not long ago, I developed the skills of how to work with every rough diamonds. I am learning that from my Coster Master Polisher. I learned a new method of polishing that suited me even better and now my creations are even more beautiful. By now I also know how to repair stones and repolish old cuts or broken diamonds." What is the most beautiful diamond you’ve ever polished? "It’s not per se the most beautiful diamond, but there was a very special one. I was asked to polish a really small diamond: when I was done, the diamond was about 1 point (0.01 carat). For me, that was really special because it was a very precise job. I had to work with an 18x magnifying loupe to make sure I put all the 57 facets correctly on this tiny brilliant." Do you have a signature when you polish a diamond, something that shows you polished it? "Well, every diamond polisher has a signature. You have the standard, but everyone has their own exact interpretation of how to polish a diamond in the most beautiful way. Therefore, you can vary within one brilliant actually. It is all in the shape of the facets. The angles remain the same, but the shape can be a bit different. However, the changes are so small, only trained eyes can see these signatures and only when they’ve seen those signatures before. But my Master Polisher can see immediately which diamonds I polished and which I didn’t." What is your favorite diamond cut and why? "My favorites are the brilliant with 57 facets and the Royal 201 with 201 facets. These are the best cuts ever in my opinion. A brilliant shows the optical properties of a diamond in the best way and the Royal 201 is even shinier!" Which diamond would you recommend for a traditional solitaire engagement ring in terms of carat, clarity, color, and cut? "That would be the Royal 201 diamond cut, because it’s the shiniest one. In terms of carat: the bigger the better, right? (laughs) For me, personally, between 1 or 2 carat is a great size. The clarity is not that important to me. Each clarity we have, even up to Pique 3, would be okay for me. I find a good color way more valuable. I’d die for a River color! If the color is good, the rest matters less to me." What is your favorite setting for an engagement ring? "A traditional solitaire ring with four prongs. I love simplicity." Do you have any tips for people who want to become a diamond polisher? "It is all about the passion and patience. First, check if you have them both. If you can answer that with a yes, you can check out the job in a Diamond Workshop at Royal Coster. After a workshop, you can continue learning by going to a special school for diamond polishing in Antwerp. But you can also learn it on the job, just like me. But passion is really the most important thing in diamond polishing."
The origin of Valentine’s Day
Secret love We all know Valentine’s Day to be a day you confess your secret love to someone. You give him or her a gift, such as a letter or flowers, to let them know you're into them. Later on, the day became for all lovers, because not only secret love should be celebrated! Today, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your loved one how much they mean to you. To support this feeling, you can give them flowers, write a love note or give a stunning diamond ring. The story Unlike the meaning of Valentine’s Day we use today, the real legend is centuries old. The original story comes from the third century AD. The story is about a bishop called Valentinus or Valentine. This bishop believed in true love and married many happy couples. He went as far as marrying a pagan soldier of Emperor Claudius II's Army to a Christian girl at some point. Nowadays that's no big deal. But in those times that was really ‘not done’. Naturally, news like this spread like a wildfire and the bishop had suddenly so many couples to unite in wedlock that it somewhat became a full-time job. "I want unmarried soldiers!" Unfortunately, Emperor Claudius II preferred an army of single soldiers over married ones. Unmarried soldiers worked better according to the emperor. The man had no woman waiting for them at home, so he wouldn’t feel the strong need to go home. Moreover, he believed single soldiers were often more reckless than the married soldiers. In times of ware, this came in quite handy. When bishop Valentine wed more and more couples, the emperor has had it. He gave the order to arrest Bishop Valentine and decided to interrogate the man himself. During the reign of Claudius II, there was still a heavy Christian persecution. So when the bishop tried to reform the emperor during his interrogation, the emperor was furious! He demanded that Valentine was tortured and then beheaded. From your Valentine Before being beheaded, the bishop stayed in prison. During his captivity, he built a close relationship with one of the prison guards. The guard told Valentine he had a daughter who was blind and he asked the bishop to cure her. Valentinus did everything he could to help the guard's daughter. From the inside of his cell, this wasn't easy, but he managed to obtain medicine. Unfortunately, the remedy did not work. A little while later, his time had come and Valentine was beheaded. Before his execution, Valentine slipped a note to the guard for his daughter. The guard gave the letter to his daughter. When she unfolded the note, a yellow flower fell out of it. At that moment, the daughter got her sight back. She read the letter, which reads: “from your Valentine”. That's how even after his death, Bishop Valentine fulfilled his final act of love. The jailer’s daughter never had the chance to see the bishop, hence the story of the unknown – or secret – admirer. After the incident, the prison guard immediately converted to Christianity and lived his life for the purpose of faith and love. Valentine’s Day today The last few years, the festival has become flattened out and more commercial. However, if we stay true to the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect day to express (or confess) your love. Are you wondering what Valentine's Day at Royal Coster Diamonds looks like? See it for yourself during a Royal Experience at our diamond polishing factory.
Diamond Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have
Diamond earrings Remember that gala where you rocked those big diamond earrings? They’re beautiful for sure, just probably not suitable for everyday use. For daily events, it’s better to go with more modest earrings. Diamond studs are always in style. Every woman should own at least one pair of diamond stud earrings. If you’re not a fan of diamond studs, you can also opt for diamond huggie earrings. Anything bigger is often considered “too much”. Save bigger and extravagant earrings for formal and/or evening events such as galas. Diamond bracelet Bracelets are possibly the most elegant pieces of jewelry. However, in some occupations, it’s really difficult to wear a bracelet. Especially large, jingling bracelets can generate some irritated glances from your coworkers. Or husband for that matter. Besides, you don’t want to overdo your diamond accessories during everyday life anyway. Choose a simple yet stylish diamond bracelet for your ordinary activities. For your late night or formal events, choose a bracelet with more details. Diamond necklace Every woman should have at least one diamond necklace or pendant. The right one can accentuate your strong features and tone down your weak spots. Choose a necklace that is in line with your outfit. When you’re wearing a V-neck dress or shirt, a diamond teardrop pendant or pear-shaped diamond necklace looks amazing. For a round neckline, a round necklace works better, but don’t overdo it. However, if you keep the rest of your accessories minimal and modest, you can pull off a statement necklace. Diamond rings Last but certainly not least: diamond rings. The maximum amount of rings you can wear for your daily activities is two. Wear one on each ring finger to avoid strange looks. Every woman should have at least two rings in her life: the engagement ring and the wedding ring. If you are engaged, it is custom to wear your engagement ring. Once you’re married, you can opt to wear both your engagement ring and your wedding ring. However, sometimes you just want to stand out. Wear your wedding ring and swap your engagement ring (temporarily) for a bold statement piece. In conclusion Especially in daily situations, you don’t want to overdo it with your diamond jewelry. Stick to some basic simple diamond jewelry must-haves accessories. Complete your look with at most one statement piece. Though this statement piece is not a must. Often the golden rule “less is more”, still applies when it comes to everyday situations. Formal occasions like galas and red carpet events are the best places to really show off all your bling. Save truly unique pieces for these happenings. Are you looking for a specific diamond piece? Our diamond consultants are standing by to help you find it.
Checklist to Find Your Perfect Diamond
Cut The cut of a diamond is one of the most defying characteristics. The most popular diamond shape is round, but there are many others. Whether you want a round brilliant or a square princess cut diamond, we can help you to choose the shape that fits you. However, it can be helpful to think about your ideal diamond shape before going to a store. Color Diamond colors are alphabetically sorted by D (completely colorless) to Z (soft yellow). The letter represents the gradation of a diamond in terms of yellowness. The most precious diamonds are completely colorless (D). Even though diamonds come in all sorts of color, we advise for white diamonds not to go darker than an I-colored diamond. It’s important to decide for yourself how yellow a diamond can be for you to love it. Carat Carat is the weight unit of diamonds and other gemstones. One carat weighs 0.2 grams: the bigger and heavier the diamond, the rarer and the more precious. The preferred size of a diamond often depends on the type of jewelry its set into and the type of diamond you’re looking for. Therefore, it is useful to start your quest online and look at pictures of diamond jewelry to decide the carat of your perfect diamond. Polishing High-quality polishing that is in line with the defined standards, results in a symmetrical, brilliant stone that shines in an optimum way. A diamond polisher can make or break a diamond – literally. That is why it is so important to find a diamond dealer or jeweler where the polisher really knows what he’s doing. A badly cut diamond is an eternal waste. Find out which jeweler or diamond dealer still attaches great value to the craft of diamond polishing. Purity Purity, or clarity, indicates the presence or absence of inclusions and impurities in a diamond. This is a very important feature that is too often overlooked. The clarity of a diamond is one of the things that determines how much a diamond will sparkle. Purity runs from FL (flawless) to Pique 3. The purer the diamond, the more beautiful – and more valuable – it is. The impact of the present impurities in a diamond depends on the size of the diamond, the craftsmanship and the locations of the inclusions. Nevertheless, we usually recommend diamonds with a VS clarity (very small inclusions) or purer. Diamonds with a low clarity usually have inclusions that you can see even without a loupe. Cheap jewelers often try to attract ignorant customers with low prices. This results in a customer going home with a diamond of poor quality. That’s why you should always pay attention to a diamond’s clarity before you buy one. Collet The collet is a bottom tip of the diamond where all facets come together. The craftsmanship of the polisher determines whether this was cut into a beautiful sharp and clean tip. Since the collet is not one of the 4 C’s, not everyone checks this part of the diamond. A shame actually, because especially with a loupe it’s quite easy. That’s why I advise you to always check a diamond’s collet as well. It’s a quick way to see the craftsmanship. Girdle A diamond’s girdle is the line that separates the crown (the top) and the pavilion (the bottom) of a cut diamond. It looks like a thin wavy line. An even line indicates high-quality craftsmanship. Details of a diamond can tell you a lot about the craftsmanship. Therefore, it’s always smart to check the line of the girdle. Certificate A certificate is the proof of authenticity with all the details and characteristics of the diamond. Every diamond in the world has its own certificate. It contains the 4 C’s of the diamond and the signature of the one who sold you this diamond. The certificate is the most important ‘accessory’ of the diamond, so keep it somewhere safe. With this official document from a renowned jeweler or diamond seller you will have a lifelong warranty on your diamond. So keeping it is definitely worth it. Drop by with your checklist Make your own list with your answers from the checklist above. This way, you have a clear view of what you’re looking for. Go to an expert to find that perfect diamond that is out there. Our consultants are educated to provide you with the correct information so you can make an informed decision. The most important thing to keep in mind though is to listen to your heart and pick the diamond you love. This isn’t necessarily the same a jeweler would pick. At Coster we help you the Royal way: our customer is king.
Diamond Anniversary: the Best Gifts
Diamond Anniversary A few years ago, my grandparents celebrated their diamond anniversary. In other words: they were married for 60 years. We had a small party and even the mayor showed up. The diamond anniversary was something truly remarkable. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean the 60th wedding anniversary is the only anniversary to spoil your loved one with diamonds. Because: let’s get realistic here. Not every couple will hit that milestone. What if this is your second marriage? What if you got married later in life? Diamonds are a perfect gift for any anniversary. Especially if your spouse loves diamonds. Diamond suggestions for an anniversary Let me give you a few suggestions for diamond jewelry as an anniversary gift. Below, you also find some tips on how to decide which gift is best for your spouse. Diamond Stud Earrings A gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings should be part of every woman's jewelry collection. Whether they are small delicate studs she can wear to the office. Or more elaborate ones for special occasions. She most certainly swoons with delight when she sees them! Diamond Tennis Bracelet A diamond tennis bracelet is something women always cherish. They love sparkly bracelets. Every woman longs for a dainty and delicate diamond tennis bracelet to show off their friends! Diamond Anniversary Band A diamond anniversary band is a perfect gift if your wife does not wear her engagement ring every day. Or if she wears her wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. An anniversary band with tiny diamonds is great substitute for daily wear. It is also a great option if you were not initially able to afford an extravagant wedding band or engagement ring. Perhaps you have been setting aside money for years to buy her the ring of her dreams. Surprise her with an elegant diamond wedding band for your anniversary! A simple but elegant diamond anniversary band shows her that you would marry her all over again! Isn’t that the sign of true love? Diamond Heart Pendant There are so many choices for gorgeous diamond heart pendants. From a small and chic diamond pendant for everyday use to a larger one for special occasions. In our showrooms, you surely find something that suits her style. Solitaire Diamond Necklace A safe choice is a solitaire diamond necklace. Every woman wants to own at least one of them. The best part about a solitaire necklace is that there are limitless options for styles. There are necklaces for every budget because you can change the carat, color, clarity and cut of the diamond. A Solitaire diamond necklace is timeless and classy. She is able to wear it on numerous occasions and when she does, she thinks of you with endless love! How to choose a diamond anniversary gift Let me give you some tips on how to decide which diamond jewelry to buy your wife for your anniversary. Take a peek in her jewelry box. Does she tend to favor necklaces? Bracelets? Or does she have an extensive collection of earrings? Think about what you see her wearing most frequently. Perhaps she dropped any subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints about wanting another necklace to wear with her favorite little black dress? Pay attention to both her wardrobe and her jewelry box. This gives you an idea of what she would like the most. Consider her lifestyle. Do you have children? Does she spend the bulk of her day cleaning, cooking and chasing after the kids? Or does she work in an environment that calls for business-like attire? If you want to choose something that fits her everyday life, you have to take her normal day into account. What is her taste? Some women wear an excessive amount of jewelry, others just a few signature pieces. Observe her for a while to find out her style and preferences before you make your big purchase. If she is not big on jewelry, a simple pair of small diamond stud earrings or a delicate diamond tennis bracelet might be your best bet. But if she wears jewelry all the time, and most of it is rather impressive, then you can’t go wrong with a bolder statement piece! Now that we have given you some advice on what kind of diamond jewelry to buy for your next wedding anniversary, it’s up to you to take the plunge! As always, our diamond consultants are there for you to help you find the perfect piece for every occasion. You can ask them online, or offline in our store.