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Jewelry Trends For 2022

  • Necklace trends
  • Ring trends
  • Earring trends


2022 will be about maximalism, large jewelry that is visible to everyone, especially in the color yellow-gold. This year’s motto is ‘Maximize Your Jewelry’. As many rings as possible, as many earrings as possible and layers of necklaces and rings. In addition, the jewelry must also have their maximum size. Big pearls, big gemstones and big chains. More is more in 2022

Necklace trends

Chunky Chains

Chains have been an indispensable part of the trends for a long time, and in 2022 this will be no different. Next year the chain will be chunkier than in 2021. Back then it was already big. The chunky chain will be seen in all possible ways, as a necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings, but even as a belt. In necklace form you see them most as a very long necklace or as a choker.


The choker is back in fashion! Not just as a simple chain, but there are many other types of chokers for 2022. You will see them with gemstones, including diamonds, in various shapes. Definitely a must-have Necklace trends 2022, elegant choker and long necklaces

Long necklaces

Long necklaces with a larger charm at the end or long chunky necklaces are a trend in 2022. This charm can be, for example, a large logo or a large gemstone. You will see these long necklaces in Y-shape a lot this year.


Pearls are timeless and classy. They will never be out of style and you can wear them anytime, but the way they are worn can vary. In 2022 they will be perfectly round, they will not have the natural shape of pearls. The pearls can mainly be seen in necklaces, but you will also find them a lot in bracelets and earrings.

Different layers

Wearing one necklace isn't enough in 2022. The more layers, the better. This can be a mix of very long necklaces to chokers and everything in between. This means that you can combine all the trends mentioned above with each other. Jewelry trends 2022, Layers of necklaces

Ring trends

Big rings

Rings are one of the most popular jewels to wear. In 2022 everything is big and so are the rings. They have to stand out. You want people to admire your jewelry. You will love these large rings in our store

Ring on each finger

More is more, you could say that for most jewelry in 2022, but for rings it is definitely More is More. Preferably a ring on each finger, or even several rings on each finger. This is a trend that is also popular for men. These rings you see in this trend are often the larger rings, but you can also combine them with smaller rings. Ring trends 2022, combination big and small rings

Earring trends

Big stones

An important trend that you will see a lot in 2022 is the earrings with large stones, both diamonds and other gemstones can be seen in these earrings. These stones can be worn directly on your ear but also as hanging earrings.

Next level hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are never out of sight. In 2022, these will become bigger, statement earrings. Square, Furry and Chunky are all planned for 2022. So they are not the long thin rings of a few years ago. Earring trends 2022, statement earrings rainbow

Chandelier Earrings

Not only will earrings be thicker in 2022, they are also longer. Earrings that resemble chandeliers are a trend. This means long, sparkly earrings. You know them from every red carpet in Hollywood, usually combined with a beautiful designer dress or with a casual outfit for contrast. They are perfect for every party. In recent years, the whole world has become more aware of the impact we make on this planet. As a result, ethically responsible jewelry has become popular. Royal Coster Diamonds has been working with reliable suppliers to ensure ethically sourced diamonds for years. These diamonds have a worldwide recognized certificate so that you can be sure that there are no Conflict diamonds and you can enjoy all the sparkles with an honest feeling. If you are interested in our products, you can view our range on the online shop or make an appointment to visit us. For more information or questions, please contact our diamond consultants.