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Birthstone of July: the Ruby - Royal Coster Diamonds

Birthstone of July: the Ruby

The ruby stands for

  • Protection against the "evil" of the world
  • Help to make difficult decisions, especially in a material sense
  • Eternal love
  • Passion
  • Warmth and heat through the internal fire
  • Physical balance and harmony
  • Worn on the left hand, the red gemstone brings luck to the wearer

The history and myths

The ruby found its way from Asia to Europe through the Silk Route, around 200 BC. Chinese nobles already carried these red stones in their armor. The rubies should provide protection. In addition, these stones were also buried under the foundations of buildings because they would bring happiness and prosperity to the residents. The Hindus believed that they would be reborn as rulers and kings when they offered rubies to the god Krishna. In the Hindu folklore, the gem would deliver so much fire and heat that could boil water. The ancient Greeks thought that rubies could become hot enough to melt wax. Myanmar, ancient Burma, is an important source of ruby from ancient times. Here, soldiers and warriors believed that the red stones made them invincible. Some even went so far as to implement them under their skin to protect themselves in battle.

The functionality of the ruby

The red fluorescent color of the ruby made the first laser work in 1960. Both real and synthetic rubies are still used in lasers today. But also in watches and medical instruments, rubies are used. This is mainly due to the hardness of the stone, which is only surpassed in hardness by diamond. Around 1990, the natural sources of ruby in Myanmar were empty. The Mong Hsu region started producing synthetic ruby. However, this ruby lacked the natural rich glow and warmth of traditional Burmese Robins. By heat treatment, the gloss and transparency were sought. Today, the heat treatment of rubies is more common than an exception.

Other uses

With the ruby, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of marriage, but it’s also the stone that belongs to the zodiac sign Capricorn. In addition, this red stone belongs to summer and is the symbol for Tuesday.

Finding places of rubies

The ruby is traditionally found in Asia. Later they were also discovered in Africa and Australia. Today, rubies are even found in North America.

The beauty and mysticism of the Ruby

The ruby is fire and passion. The reddish color symbolizes passionate love. A love that can be so fierce that it burns your fingers and leaves deep scars. But the red gemstone also represents the warmth and security of mutual and eternal love. The name ruby comes from the Latin word 'Ruber', which means red. In the past, people believed the ruby contained an eternal fire inside.

Rubies in jewelry

All these characteristics, myths and stories make the ruby one of the most beautiful gems in the wedding ring. The internal everlasting burning fire represents a lifelong love and passion. Carry the ring on your left finger hand though: being a little superstitious doesn’t hurt. Check out ruby jewelry and other colored gems and diamonds in our diamond jewelry collection. In order to see the real beauty of these stones, you can book a free tour through our factory.

Are you looking for a more sparkling (July) gift? Take a look at our Birthstone Collection to get inspired or come to see all our items in real life.

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