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What is a diamond tennis bracelet? - Royal Coster Diamonds

What is a diamond tennis bracelet?

The popularity of the tennis bracelet

Thanks to the incident during the match 30 years ago, this kind of bracelet received an international boost of attention. Suddenly everyone who could afford diamonds wanted one. However, that’s not the only reason diamond tennis bracelets are still such beloved and considered must-have accessories. The endless row(s) of diamonds provides the feeling of eternal beauty. Who doesn’t want to feel like that?

A timeless beauty

The story of the tennis bracelet is already more than 30 years old. And the design of this piece of jewelry even older. But nevertheless, we consider the tennis bracelet a timeless beauty. The versatility and sophisticated style makes a tennis bracelet one of the most popular jewels of all time. It is there right along with the solitaire diamond engagement rings and eternity bands. One thing is for sure: you can never go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet. It will simply never go out of style. single diamond tennis bracelet

What is a diamond tennis bracelet made of?

The classic tennis bracelets consist of round, colorless diamonds in an 18 karat white gold or platinum setting. Yet over the years new versions of the tennis bracelet appeared. Nowadays, we also see tennis bracelets of 18 karat yellow gold and 18 karat rose gold. But jewelers also experiment with the stones itself.

New versions of a classic design

Why should we only have a tennis bracelet with white diamonds? We also see tennis bracelets with a combination of black and white diamonds or with only black diamonds. Another popular design is a tennis bracelet with brown diamonds. Not only are brown diamonds lower-priced than white ones, but they also look amazing in rose gold. But why stop there. Another trendy design is the tennis bracelet with gemstones. Just like with black diamonds, there are bracelets with a combination of diamonds and gemstones. But there are also tennis bracelets that feature only gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. Sometimes there are multiple types of gemstones in one bracelet. Of course, we don’t refer to these gemstone bracelets as diamond tennis bracelets anymore. woman wearing black and white diamond tennis bracelets

How to wear a tennis bracelet?

Wearing the tennis bracelet properly can make or break your outfit. A tennis bracelet should not be too tight, nor too loose. When you can fit one finger between the bracelet and your wrist, it’s a perfect size. A diamond tennis bracelet is often worn on the left wrist. That’s because most people are right-handed and therefore use their left handless. Lesser usage means a smaller change to damage the bracelet. But if you’re left-handed, you may consider wearing the tennis bracelet on your right wrist.

Stack or combine

The beauty of tennis bracelets is that you can wear them however you like. A single tennis bracelet doesn’t look bad at all. But you can also choose to wear multiple tennis bracelets and simply stack then. Especially for glamourous occasions, stacked tennis bracelets can steal the show. Or combine tennis bracelets in different colors. Personally, I love the combination of a white gold bracelet, a yellow gold bracelet and a rose gold one. You can wear them separately but they also work very well as a set. The possibilities are endless. woman wearing multiple rows of diamond tennis bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelet for men

In general, diamond bracelets are for women. Throughout history, influential men would wear a lot of diamond jewelry. But they didn’t wear diamond bracelets. Up to this day, it’s still quite rare to see a man rocking a diamond bracelet. Which is odd since there is a lot of diamond jewelry for men. Diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces are a lot more integrated into men’s fashion. However, we see that more and more men have a total disregard for this. As a new trend, they started wearing diamond bracelets anyway. We welcome this, because – let’s face it – it looks amazing! Note that there is a traditional rule of thumb. A man should only wear a diamond bracelet when it’s a gift from a woman. He can receive it from his wife, daughter, or mother for example. But if you are not fond of traditions, you can always purchase one for yourself. man holding diamond bracelet

How to clean a diamond tennis bracelet?

Cleaning diamonds isn’t something you should do in a rush. Though it doesn’t take long, you should do it with care:

Step 1: the utilities

Take a small bowl and mix a little dish detergent with some warm water in it. Use not more water than necessary to cover the bracelet and just enough detergent to make the suds bubbly. Usually, a few drops will do.

Step 2: soaking

Let the bracelet soak for about fifteen minutes. Soaking will make the dirt come loose. diamond tennis bracelet on holder

Step 3: scrubbing

Scrub the diamonds clean gently with an extra-soft toothbrush. The grease and dirt are already loosened because of the soaking. So there is no need to scrub hard. Make circular movements to make the diamonds sparkling again.

Let us clean your diamond tennis bracelets

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the diamonds yourself. I get that. Fortunately, our goldsmiths can do it for you. When you purchased the diamonds at Royal Coster, we clean them for free for the rest of your life. If you bought the diamonds anywhere else, you can drop by as well. It’s very likely we are able to clean them for free anyway as well. We consider this part of our royal service. woman in wedding dress wearing tennis bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelets at Royal Coster

Are you looking for a diamond tennis bracelet? We have a wide variety of them. Browse our online catalog of diamond bracelets for an impression. For more information on a specific diamond tennis bracelet or diamond bracelets in general, please contact our diamond consultant. He or she will help you to find the perfect one. You can also contact them for a personalized offer. After all, we can make any piece of jewelry for any budget. So there is definitely something we can do for you if you’re looking for a diamond tennis bracelet.
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