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Do I need a Watch Winder - Royal Coster Diamonds

Do I need a Watch Winder

Let me start by saying nobody really needs a watch winder, ever. You didn't even need an automatic watch to begin with. In fact, in this day and age, you don’t even need a watch! But, my friends, at Royal Coster Diamonds we do not focus on what you 'need’. We are in the business of desire. So the real question is: why should you want a watch winder?

That I can answer

If you have several automatic watches you alternately wear, using a watch winder to keep them ready for action will save a bit of time. Especially if you own watches with separate sub-dials for multiple complications. But let's be honest. If you are anything like me your watch of the day choice is taken seconds before you leave the house and often ends up being one of the watches piled up on your dresser from the nights before. Honestly, I have often chosen my –extremely cool- Disney watch over more high-end watches simply because I did want to tinker around in the car with all the small dials.

The Coolness factor

So a watch winder -and some discipline to actually put them in there- makes the decision what to wear easier and faster. But when you open up a winder and take your pick in the presence of that special someone you met the night before, your coolness factor will explode through the roof. Great watch winders can also be very, very cool. They are well-made, elegant and often have nifty gyroscopic movements that are hypnotic and look like something from a Star Wars movie.

From a service point however, there isn’t much proof that using a watch winder is better for a watch. Some believe the lubricants might dry out if the watch is inactive so you should use a watch winder to keep it going. But I don't believe that's true. I mean, come on. If you paid 50K for an FP Journe that dried out because you didn't wear it for a few weeks you shouldn't have bought it from that weird kid at the mall. But if you don't believe me, then read this article where they asked watchmakers like Andrea van Steijn the same thing and they also said Watch Winder aren't really necessary. I personally know Andrea from when I was involved in the organization for the European Watch of the Year Election and she is extremely passionate about high-end watches, so if she says it won't negatively impact your watch if you leave it out a winder, it won't.

Cheap Watch Winders

When my wife and I just met, we were invited to a fancy dinner at an even fancier restaurant. I remember they served tiny portions of weird meats which everybody seemed to enjoy… except us. So after yet another small shot glass filled with some unrecognizable mass, we looked at each other, made a decision and 20 minutes later we were enjoying the haute cuisine the fine people at McDonalds had served us. But wearing a tux and gala dress made us still feel a bit off at the Mac. The same principle applies to putting your Nautilus in a cheap watch winder. It works, but it just doesn’t look right. Besides, if you can afford the watches that go into a winder you probably want something that enhances their coolness, not diminishes it.

So, do I need a Watch Winder?

Personal taste aside, you can get a good yet stylish watch winder at a good price. From the Windsor Double Watch Winder (retails at €625) to the very cool Döttling Gyrowinder (starts at €11.800) So to answer the question: you don’t need a watch winder. If you want the convenience, got the cash and want to up your coolness factor; get a watch winder. It will make you feel like Tony Stark every time you choose a watch.


Want to learn more about watch winders? Discover more during one of our diamond tours.
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