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Top 10 Romantic Activities for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam - Royal Coster Diamonds

Top 10 Romantic Activities for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

Magere Brug – The Amsterdam Kissing Bridge

kissing bridge magere brug white bridge in Amsterdam Some of the best things in life are free. An example of this is the “Magere Brug”, also known as the “Amsterdam Kissing Bridge”. The Magere Brug is a small bridge over the famous Amstel River. It connects the banks of the river at Kerkstraat, between the famous Keizersgracht en Prinsengracht in the city center. There are many stories about how and why this bridge was built. However, they all carry the same ending. If you kiss your lover at or under the Magere Brug, your love will last forever. It’s no surprise the Amsterdam Kissing Bridge is a famous proposal spot. Bring your lover to this bridge and make your love eternal.

Canal Cruise

Prefer to kiss under the bridge? Take one of the many Canal Cruises Amsterdam is so famous for. The Canal Cruise is a unique (and a relaxing) way to discover Amsterdam. Just hop on the boat and enjoy the spectacular sights and amazing landmarks. But you can also do a little extra. canal cruise in Amsterdam along old houses

Canal Cruise with food

Most Canal Cruise companies have special arrangements, like a dining cruise or a cheese and wine cruise. Especially during Valentine’s Day, many cruise companies have certain offers. These are definitely worth checking out if you want to make this February 14 extra special. The most romantic cruise to explore Amsterdam’s beautiful historic canals is definitely a Candlelight cruise. Discover the intriguing history of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed waterways of the city center. Especially during Valentine’s Day, this romantic activity is a big hit. So make sure to book your seats in advance.

Canal Cruise combos

Who doesn’t know the famous red Hop On – Hop Off Buses? Enjoy the best of both worlds: explore Amsterdam on land and over water. The Hop on Hop off Bus Boat Amsterdam pass is valid for both the waterway and red bus tour. It is perfect if you want to visit various landmarks and do a bit of sightseeing at the same time.

Horse and carriage taxi

A highly romantic way to discover the city is a horse and carriage. In the glorious Golden Era, the horse-drawn carriages characterized the Amsterdam streets. Of course, nowadays, it is not a very common method of transportation anymore. However, some organizations maintain this piece of history. horse and carriage in amsterdam at dam square Take a tour along various landmarks or even use the horse and carriage as a taxi service. Lean back in soft upholstery while you listen to the relaxing clip-clop of the horses’ hooves. Imagine the twinkle in her eyes when your personal carriage pulls up. Your princess will feel like a Royal.

Take a walk through the Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is the park of Amsterdam. Centrally placed between the Leidseplein and the Museum Square, it welcomes around 10 million visitors every year. The Vondelpark is loved by both tourists and Amsterdammers. Bring a basket and a blanket for a romantic old school picnic. Or grab a bite at one of the several restaurants. couple relaxing at vondelpark

Romantic activities in the Vondelpark

Many activities at the Vondelpark are free of charge. Some ask a small fee:
  • Orgelpark - this former church is the international concert stage in Amsterdam for organists, composers and other artists. It is a great spot and a unique venue with classical and jazz concerts.
  • Vondeltuin - rent in-line skates (and protective equipment) here. Skate through the whole park and show off your moves.
  • Open Air Theater - every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you can watch open-air theater performances.

Places to eat at the Vondelpark

  • Het Blauwe Theehuis - surrounded by trees and singing birds, there is a modernistic pavilion. Here you can drink a cup of coffee or thee. But recently they started serving local beers.
  • Groot Melkhuis - a great spot in the middle of the Vondelpark. An ideal place where you can enjoy the calm of the park, sit on the waterside and have a drink or some food.
  • Vondeltuin - it's not just a place to rent in-line skates. At the terrace of de Vondeltuin, you can eat, drink and chill. Make sure to check whether they are open though, because during the winter they are often closed.

Rent a tandem bike

Because the Vondelpark is quite big, many tourists rent a bike to discover it. While they’re at it, they use the bike to discover other parts of the city as well. If you want to rent a romantic bike, you can opt for a tandem. It takes a little practice but it’s a lot more romantic than two separate bikes. A benefit of the tandem is that the second person on the bike doesn’t have to worry as much about traffic. Just paddle away and feast your eyes on all the pretty things around you. couple cycling in Amsterdam on a tandem bike

Romantic or challenging?

Riding a tandem requires good communication and teamwork. Many say it is even a relationship test. The captain or pilot (front rider) is responsible for everything about controlling the tandem. The front rider is in charge of steering, balancing, breaks and gears. Good communication towards the rear rider is essential. The rear rider (or stoker) gives up all bike control and has to trust the front rider 100%. One of the benefits of tandem bikes is that you don’t lose each other in the crowded streets. Another benefit is that you both keep the same pace; you do not have to wait for each other.

Visit the flower market

If your partner likes flowers, they will love the flower market. The Amsterdam Flower Market is the only floating flower market in the world. Located at the Singel, this is one of Amsterdam’s most colorful and fragrant places of interest all year long. At the market, you can find your (or your partner’s) favorite flowers in every color imaginable. flower market in amsterdam

A dive in history

One of the things The Netherlands is famous for is flowers. Tulips in particular. At the flower market, you find many types of flowers. Besides bouquets and single flowers, they also offer flower bulbs. These bulbs are often ready for export so you can enjoy the flowers at home too. But make sure to check the import rules for your country. The Amsterdam Flower Market is open from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:30 and Sunday from 11:30 to 17:30.

Dining in the Dark

An eventful romantic day isn’t complete without a special dinner. Visit CTaste for a truly special experience. At CTaste you enjoy your food – in the complete dark. Dining in the dark allows you to willingly plunge into a world of sensitivity you have never experienced before. It takes you through a journey of taste, sound and touch, all while you can’t see a thing. Are you brave enough to try? ouple having dinner in the complete dark

Highlight your senses

The idea of a dark dinner is that when one of your senses is disabled other senses to become more active. Communication, taste, hearing, smell and touch: everything you experience differently. One of the most remarkable things is the service. Visually impaired people use the possibilities of their disability and ensure flawless service and guidance for the guests. Truly a remarkable experience.

Cocktail workshop

When you’re looking for an activity with a bit more action, check out the cocktail workshops at House of Bols. Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, dating back to 1575 in Amsterdam. They provide daily cocktail workshops including a tour through their Cocktail & Genever Experience. In the workshop, you’ll learn how to make the best cocktails yourself – and of course, taste them as well… artender making two yellow cocktails

One day bartending course

Bols provides a one-day bartending course. Consider it the first step in your professional bartending career – or just a fun activity for that matter. You learn about the basics of cocktails, drinks, speed and efficiency behind the bar:
  • Learn how to make the most popular cocktails
  • Discover the art of bartending and make the first step in your career
  • Expand your cocktail and bartending skills
  • Gain confidence behind a professional cocktail bar
  • Get inspired!

A stay at Sir Albert

Sir Albert is a very special place to spend the night. The hotel is perfectly located – only 600 meters from the Museum Square and the Rijksmuseum. However, the location isn’t even the most special part. This hotel is situated in a former Van Moppes diamond polishing factory that belonged to Royal Coster Diamonds. With high ceilings and large windows, Sir Albert merges historic detail with clean, modern style. inside of luxurious hotel sir albert

About the Sir Hotels

All hotels cater to those who are seeking authentic experiences in unique locations. Each combines historical architecture, impeccable interior design and extraordinary events that embrace the local community. All hotels are created and managed by the award-winning Amsterdam-based hotel development and management company Europe Hotels Private Collection (EHPC)”.

Purchase a diamond

oman wearing a stunning diamond ring Is a trip to the City of Diamonds really complete without purchasing that specific thing the city is named after? Of course, it isn’t! Royal Coster Diamonds is the oldest diamond polishing factory in the world. We provide several tours & workshops in which you can see how our craftsmen turn rough stones into beautiful diamonds. We put these diamonds in the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Our diamond consultants can help you find your perfect diamond piece.
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