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The Moonstone gemstone - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Moonstone gemstone

Moonstone is a fascinating gemstone. The gemstone has a beautiful shimmer over it. It is said to have a lot of powers. Moonstones would help with fertility problems, it gives you hope and spreads love. There is lots to know and tell about the moonstone. It is in our history for a very long time.

The color of moonstone

Moonstones come in a variety of colors The most common colors are blue, gray, white, and, pink. The clarity of the gemstone ranges from transparent to translucent. The perfect moonstone has a blue-like color and perfect clarity. These moonstones are the rarest and valuable ones.

The moonstone stands for:

  • Inner goddess
  • Fertility
  • Sensuality
  • Cleansing the mind
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Intuition

The meaning and origin of the name moonstone

Moonstone has its name from its shimmer, which is caused by the refraction of light in a microstructure consisting of very thin layers of feldspar. This reminds us of moonlight. That’s why it got the name moonstone. Selenite and Adular are the other names of moonstone. Selenite comes from the Greek word ‘selene’ which means moon and is the name of the goddess of the moon from Greek mythology. Adular is from the word ‘adularescence’, which is the moonstone effect. Adularescence is some form of light that seems to appear on the moonstone.

The properties of moonstone

Moonstone is part of the mineral family of Feldspars. It consists of sodium, potassium, aluminum, and silicate. Besides that, the moonstone has the adularescence effect that I described above. It has a particular light that shines on the stone.

The origin, history, and finding places of the moonstone

In ancient times, the Romans believed that the Moonstone was created by the moonlight. The myth about the moonstone said it belonged to the Goddess of the Moon, Diana. When a person wears this gemstone, they would receive the gift of wisdom and prosperity from the Goddess. Moonstone jewelry was found in the Roman Empire since 500 B.C. and even longer in the Orient world. According to the Hindu tradition, Moonstone relates to feminine energy and a symbol of love. In India, moonstone associates with love and marriage. Through the centuries this gemstone became part of wedding traditions and moonstone is often used as a gift to the bride. The best blue Moonstones come from Sri Lanka. They have a unique blue shade and have high value in the world because of how rare they are. There are also Moonstone mines in Norway, Switzerland, the USA, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

Moonstone jewelry

Moonstone is favored best in a gold and silver jewelry piece due to its elegance and simplicity. It has a beautiful shimmer. People love to wear moonstone to provide a healing effect and there are some theories about women wearing this gemstone. The moonstone would help women with fertility problems and through hormonal periods. Besides that, it is said to help against negative energies and cleansing the mind.

Moonstone & Zodiac sign

Moonstone is the alternative birthstone for Cancer. Cancer actually has two birthstones; these are rubies and moonstone. People born between June 22 and July 22 belong to this astrological sign. Some of Cancer’s traits are creative, passionate, caring, and protective.

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