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Alternative engagement rings - Royal Coster Diamonds

Alternative engagement rings

Diamond alternative engagement rings

When you don’t want a diamond engagement ring, you can opt for different alternatives. There are engagement rings with gemstones, for example, red rubies, blue sapphires or green emeralds. But there are also the so-called semi-precious gemstones, like aquamarine, garnet, peridot, amethyst, opals and many more. Another gem that makes a real comeback lately is the white (and black) pearl. And finally, there are also engagement rings without any diamonds, gemstones or other ornaments.

Diamond alternative rings can contain gemstones, like (from left to right) a yellow sapphire, red ruby or green emerald.

Engagement rings with gemstones

After diamonds, this is probably the most chosen type of engagement rings. Many women swoon over a royal sapphire, a classical emerald or a passionate ruby. One of the most amazing things about gemstones, is that they come in almost every color imaginable. The most famous color for sapphires is blue. But sapphires also come in pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, black and even colorless. Rubies come in all color varieties from faint pink to deep red. Emeralds can have a very light green(ish) color, but they can range up to a very deep intense green. Here at Royal Coster, we have engagement rings with gemstones only. But we also have engagement rings with a gemstone that is flanked or surrounded by (white) diamonds. Whichever you prefer is a matter of personal taste.

Gemstones resemble royalty

For centuries, gemstones are associated with royalties. Queen Cleopatra was head over heels with the allure of the green emeralds. And John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie with an emerald engagement ring. Sapphires are very popular for diamond engagement rings ever since Princess Di received a 12-carat sapphire ring from Prince Charles. It’s the same ring Kate Middleton wears today. Many women dream of being proposed to with an engagement ring that resembles the one from certain royalty.

Engagement rings with semi-precious stones

Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are so-called precious gemstones. But we also have a collection of lovely semi-precious gemstones. You can think of them as the light-version of gemstones. Semi-precious gemstones come at very attractive prices since they are less valuable than the full-blown gemstones. Varying from soft rose quartz to the enchanting blue aquamarine all the way up to the mystical tiger’s eye. Depending on which color you like, you can choose almost any one of them. You can also make it even more special by incorporating her birthstone in your alternative engagement ring. Semi-precious gemstones go very well with diamonds. I think they can give a (semi) precious stone a little more pop. One of my personal favorites is the combination of aquamarine and a halo of diamonds in white gold. But I also love a semiprecious pink stone with a diamond pave, set in rose gold.

Engagement rings with pearls

Who says pearls are only for middle-old ladies? Engagement rings with pearls have made a huge comeback. Nowadays, we see more and more young women spot these gems from the sea. Pearl jewelry is the kind you can wear for the rest of your live. I have to make a side note here though. Pearls have a very distinctive appearance. For many people it is a: “love them or hate them” kind of thing. There’s not much in between. Therefore, I advise you to only get a pearl engagement ring if you are absolutely sure your girl loves pearls. There are different types of pearl rings. Some are pretty straightforward: a (white) gold setting with a pearl set in it like a solitaire ring. But especially pearls lend themselves perfectly to go big. Many modern-day jewelry designers are experimenting with pearls.

Engagement rings with a rough diamond

Alright, alright. I know I said I’d tell you about the non-diamond options. And yes, a rough diamond is indeed a real diamond. But it does not look like any of the traditional diamond rings. This is a whole new trend, but I’m guessing it is going to be a big one. Instead of a faceted diamond, it is also possible to take an engagement ring with a rough diamond. Straight from Mother Nature, it is a whole new concept. Especially if your beloved loves the outdoors or is into art, a rough diamond might be the perfect engagement ring. If you are interested in checking these rings, you’re in luck. The Diamond Museum Amsterdam next-door to Coster has a couple of rings with rough diamonds. They are donated by the Japanese company Kitagawa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

Other diamond alternative engagement rings

The list of alternatives for diamond engagement rings doesn’t stop with different stones. You can also opt for something completely different. For example a family heirloom or minimalistic rings without any fuss.

The Family Heirloom as an engagement ring

This is probably one of the easiest (and maybe even least expensive) way to acquire a diamond alternative engagement ring. An heirloom is a family jewel with high sentimental value. It is often passed from generation to generation. Does someone in your family have an engagement ring that once belonged to a great-grandmother, or perhaps to a great-aunt?

Just like Lady Di’s sapphire ring that was passed on to Kate Middleton. Perhaps your family also has a tradition of passing on an engagement ring. If the ring has a personal history behind it, it can mean more than a brand new ring. I like the sentiment of passing it on to one of your children for their engagement. If you don’t have a family ring yet, you can always start your own tradition. Our diamond consultants are more than happy to help you find a ring that will last for generations.

Engagement ring without a stone

What do you do if she is not into flashy jewelry at all? What is she prefers simplicity to diamonds and other precious gems? There are many no-fuss rings out there. Even though we are a diamond polishing factory, we also have rings without any (gem)stone in them. Besides straightforward rings, you can also look for something special in the metal. An example of this is the knot ring. Knot rings are the perfect choice for the minimalist bride. They symbolize that you are in fact “tying the knot”. I’d say that pretty much captures the moment. But you can also go for a ring with the infinity sign – as a symbol of your everlasting love.

What can I use instead of an engagement ring?

But what if your girlfriend doesn’t want an engagement ring? Or perhaps you’re looking for something less traditional. If you don’t want to give a ring, but you do want to give jewelry, there are plenty of options. I already wrote about the engagement watch. Instead of a ring, perhaps you make her happier with a watch of her favorite watch brand. But you can also give a different piece of jewelry. For example a locket necklace or a charm bracelet.

Propose with a stone

You can also propose with a stone alone. This can be a diamond, a gemstone or a semiprecious gemstone. In this case, you only present the stone and your freshly baked fiancée can choose her own setting. She can opt for a solitaire necklace, let it incorporate in a bracelet, or – let’s get crazy – put it in a ring. If you want to give her a special stone, our consultants will gladly assist you in choosing the right one. But also if you want to propose with any of the other diamond alternative engagement rings. Our consultants are standing by to help you find that special piece.
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