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Promise rings - Royal Coster Diamonds

Promise rings

What does a promise ring mean

The beauty of a promise ring is that the definition isn’t set in stone. When giving a promise ring, you can choose the exact meaning of the ring yourself. It is up to you what a promise ring symbolizes. Here are the most common to give a promise ring:

1. Pre-engagement ring

A promise ring is often seen as a pre-engagement ring since it symbolizes exclusiveness. This means you’re not ready to tie the knot yet, but you love each other very much. You both have the intention to stay together and eventually marry each other.

2. A promise ring promises more to come for the future

This meaning stems from the good ol’ days. If a guy wanted to marry his girlfriend but didn’t have enough to pay for a real engagement ring or a wedding, he’d give a promise ring. Giving the fairly less-expensive promise ring, he showed his love he was working hard to earn enough money. If she was willing to wait, he would eventually give her the life she deserves – including a wedding and a ring. The less expensive ring was given as a promise for future life together.

3. Commitment only

Don’t let yourself get fooled by the name. Even if you don’t want to get married at all, a promise ring can be the perfect gift. A promise ring is a promising commitment and a symbol of your love. It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to marriage. The most common meaning of a promise ring would be the one of the pre-engagement ring though. However, all meanings are related to love, commitment and exclusively. Whatever meaning you attach to the promise ring, make sure your intentions are clear – especially when marriage isn’t the end-goal. boy and girl shopping at a jeweler

Shopping for a promise ring

Since promise rings are often seen as pre-engagement rings, they are less expensive than engagement rings and wedding rings. Unlike engagement rings, promise rings are not always only for her, but often also for couples. This depends on your own preference. You can choose to both wear a ring or just one for her alone.

Couples promise rings

Generally speaking, the promise rings for couples look similar to wedding rings. They have the same style and belong together as a pair. It is not unusual to look for promise rings together, although it wouldn’t hurt to browse first by yourself. Exploring the various styles of promise rings and different prices can avoid awkward conversations about pricing. Once you have found some rings you like, you can take your love to the store and decide together which ones you want. young man giving a ring in a box to his girlfriend

A promise ring just for her

If you decide to buy a promise ring for her only, it usually looks more like an engagement ring. For example, a ring with one (small) diamond, just less expensive. When shopping for a promise ring just for her, it is common to do this by yourself and gift the ring as a surprise. Though more romantic, this can be difficult when you don’t know her ring size. If you don’t want to ask her ring size, the easiest and probably best way to find out is borrow one of her rings that fits her for sure. Take it to the jeweler or diamond dealer; they can tell you her size. Borrowing her ring can also show the store what kind of ring she likes. If it is not possible to leave the house with the ring, you can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper. That will do just fine as well. Do you want to give an extra special promise ring that is not too expensive? It is possible to design a ring yourself containing a small diamond – which is custom for a promise ring. man giving woman coster box present

The perfect moment to give a promise ring

The moment to give the ring or to exchange the promise rings can be the absolute icing on the cake. The perfect moment varies between if knows and when she has absolutely no clue. It is important to remember that it is not such a big deal as giving an engagement ring, so make sure to keep it small and modest. Pick for example a day that means something for you two, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary or her birthday. To make it a tat more special –especially when you surprise her – you can write a poem for her to read before you give the ring, pack the ring in a special way or give it to her during a romantic trip in Amsterdam, like our Royal Experience a diamond workshop! Remember though to make sure she understands it’s a promise ring and not an engagement ring. Going on one knee when giving a ring is, therefore, a big no-no!

On which finger does a promise ring go?

When it comes to wearing a promise ring, this is flexible just like the meaning of the ring.

On the ring finger of the left hand

The traditional way to wear is on the ring finger of the left hand. This is the same finger for the (future) wedding ring. When receiving an engagement ring, that one goes on the ring finger of the left hand and the promise ring can switch to the ring finger of the right hand.

On the ring finger of the right hand

If you want to ‘save’ the ring finger of the left hand for the engagement ring already, you can choose to already wear the promise ring on the right hand. There can also be chosen to wear the ring on the right hand to show that you are not engaged (yet).

Other ways to wear a promise ring

If you really want to make sure that it is clear that you are not engaged, you can also wear the ring on the middle finger or pinky of either hand. For a promise ring is this perfectly acceptable. Sometimes it is not possible to wear a ring on any finger. This is often the case for people who work primarily with their hands. In such events, it is also possible to wear the ring like a pendant on the neck. If someone doesn’t like a (promise) ring for whatever reason, other jewelry – preferably diamonds – are also fine. Since diamonds represent eternal love, a diamond necklace, diamond bracelet or diamond earrings also send the right message: the one of love and commitment. woman having ring on middle ringer

Are you looking for the perfect diamond promise ring?

Check out our selection of diamond rings or tell our diamond consultants what you are looking for. They will show you a variety of rings that meet your wishes, so you will find the perfect promise ring!
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