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Royal Coster
Diamonds Size
MM / INCH (Circumference)
48 / 1.89 48 4½ 8
49 / 1.93 49 9
50 / 1.97 50 K 10
51 / 2.01 51 L 11
52 / 2.05 52 6 12
53 / 2.09 53 13
54 / 2.13 54 14
55 / 2.17 55 O 15
56 / 2.20 56 P 16
57 / 2.24 57 8 17
58 / 2.28 58 18
59 / 2.31 59 R 19
60 / 2.36 60 9 S 20

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Minecraft Diamonds - Royal Coster Diamonds

Minecraft Diamonds

What are real diamonds and Minecraft diamonds

Real diamonds are made of carbon. They have formed over 3 billion years ago, deep within the Earth’s crust under high temperature and pressure. Diamond is the hardest natural material in the world. We use diamonds to cut diamonds. But we also use diamonds for industrial purposes. A Minecraft diamond is a rare mineral. You can obtain it from a diamond ore or loot chest in the Minecraft game. In the game, you use them to create high tier and durable items such as armor. You can construct diamonds in Minecraft from a block of diamond or by mining a diamond ore.

Diamond finding places

You can clearly see the creators of Minecraft did some research about real diamonds for their game. For example about finding places of diamonds. We find natural rough diamonds at a depth of approximately 150 – 200 kilometers below the surface of the earth. Diamond mine viewed from above Diamond mine where diamonds are found, hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the earth. In Minecraft, you also have to dig deep to find the precious gems. Altitude is the number of block layers above the bottom of the game environment. The bottom is layer zero (0). Layers are the number of blocks above the lowest layer. Sea level is block layer 62. To find diamonds in Minecraft, you have to dig deep: “diamond ores” only appear between layers 1 – 16. The most common place to find diamonds is between layers 5 and 12.

Diamonds and lava?

In Minecraft, the diamond level and lava level are the same. Therefore, the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft is to look near lava. However, when we compare this to real diamonds, it is not exactly the same. Diamonds are not in lava. Diamonds in minecraft near lava In Minecraft, diamonds are often near lava. Image source: Natural diamonds are mined in diamond mines. Volcano eruptions can bring them up, but it's very rare. Diamonds are in a rare type of magma called kimberlite. Kimberlite is a gas-rich, potassic ultramafic igneous rock that contains several minerals. Check here However, there has not been a kimberlite eruption in recent human history. The last confirmed kimberlite actually erupted 30 million years ago! Even though a kimberlite eruption may look similar to a volcano eruption with lava, it is not the same.

Learn more about diamonds

Apart from this small detail on finding diamonds in Minecraft, the rest of the game regarding diamonds seems pretty accurate. Do you want to learn more about diamonds? Book a free guided diamond tour. Here, you’ll learn about the 4 C’s of diamond valuation. And who knows… perhaps you find more similarities between diamonds in real life and the ones in Minecraft. guide explaining diamond tools
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