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Can Men wear Diamond Jewelry - Royal Coster Diamonds

Can Men wear Diamond Jewelry

Men used to wear jewelry all the time

Traditionally, men wore more – and more expensive – jewelry than women. Especially Royalties loved to flaunt their jewelry. Wealthy men wore a lot of diamonds and gemstones. But times changed and nowadays it's the women who wear more diamond jewelry than men.

What jewelry can a man wear?

man staring at shopping window thinking diamond jewelry for men A lot of (young) men feel like a watch is the only accessory they can wear. Though a stylish watch definitely is a great addition to an outfit, there are a lot of different diamond options to complete a look. There are traditional diamond jewelry pieces for men like cufflinks, tie pins, signet rings, and wedding rings. However, the modern man knows the list doesn’t end here. Nowadays, men also wear diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and diamond necklaces. Let's explore the different categories of diamond jewelry for guys.

Can men wear diamond rings?

Just get straight to the point: yes! Of course, men can wear diamond rings. First of all, there is the traditional wedding band. But the signet ring also falls under diamond jewelry for men.

Wedding rings for men

man wearing diamond wedding ring This is practically the piece of jewelry man are most happy to wear: the wedding ring. The wedding ring one does not need a lot of explaining: it is the ring that shows your commitment to your loved one. It is not uncommon for men to wear a wedding ring with one or more diamonds in it. After all, the diamond represents strength and love. Isn't that what marriage is all about? Wedding rings for men come in all sorts and shapes. Some contain one (large) diamond, like a solitaire ring. Others feature a cluster of diamonds. But there are also men who prefer something less flashy and rougher. They can go for black diamond rings. The robust and sturdy look is something many men can get behind. Diamond wedding rings for men often contain a brilliant cut or the princess cut. The brilliant is an all-time traditional favorite. But the square princess cut also increases in popularity. We see that all square or angular diamond cuts work well in engagement rings for men.

Signet rings for men

man wearing a diamond ring However, there are more diamond rings men can wear than just the wedding ring. A signet ring is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry for men. This ring has a flat round part on top with an engraving on it. This engraving was used to make a print in (candle) wax to seal or sign important official documents. It was worn by the most important men in the world like kings and wealthy noblemen. Nowadays, when men wear a signet ring it often doesn’t have an engraving. It’s more likely that the ring contains precious stones such as diamonds or gemstones. Sometimes, when it’s an heirloom, the ring has the family crest on it. Many diamond rings for men remind us of the traditional signet rings. The flat surface holds one diamond, a cluster of diamonds or even multiple rows of diamonds. These rings are especially great for a night out.

More diamond jewelry for men

You didn't think it would end at only diamond rings for men, right? There are also plenty of necklaces, like diamond pendants for men. And who can forget the good old diamond earring(s) that are making a comeback as we speak?

Necklaces for men

diamond cross necklace for men For diamond necklaces, we make a distinction between real necklaces and pendants. Pedants are loose items that come without a chain. There are no real extravagant necklaces for men, apart from a diamond chain perhaps. But there are some options when we look at pendants. Regarding the pendants, we see that men mainly go for the bigger and bolder pieces. You won't often see a guy rocking a small solitaire pendant, but a diamond statement piece is definitely quite popular. Typical pendants for men include diamond crosses. But also other religious or symbolic signs like zodiac signs is something we see more and more.


bangle diamond bracelet for men Young men often wear leather bracelets. It makes them look a bit rough around the edges. Though there are a lot of stylish leather bracelets, they can make you look like a bit of a bad boy. They don't reflect the sophisticated man you are. For a refined look, you probably want to wear something with more class. More and more men discovered the charm of diamond bracelets. In general, there are two diamond bracelets for men: link bracelets and tennis bracelets. Especially the tennis bracelet with black diamonds is great an option for men.


man wearing diamond earrings They’re not just for sailors anymore. The adventurous man discovered them already a while ago: diamond earrings for men. Of course, I’m not talking about some diamond dangle drop earrings (though if that's your thing - go for it). I'm talking about black or white diamond studs. Even a few celebrities were spotted wearing stud diamonds. Whether you wear one or two earrings is completely up to you. Both are accepted. Especially square shaped diamonds are favorites, like a princess or radiant cut diamond.

The traditional diamond jewelry for men

Last but certainly not least are the classic options you probably know about already. Cufflinks and tie pins are perfect items to make you and your outfit stand out.


man wearing diamond cufflinks at wedding Formerly, cufflinks were worn on many occasions. You would replace the ordinary buttons from the sleeves of your shirt with elegant and sophisticated cufflinks. Nowadays it’s not that common anymore. Cufflinks are being reserved for special occasions such as graduation, important business meetings and – of course – weddings. There are many beautiful different kinds of cufflinks with (semi)precious gemstones. But our all-time favorites are of course cufflinks with diamonds.

Tie pins

man wearing a tie pin Attaching the tie to your shirt with a pin makes sure your tie stays in place. Just like cufflinks, tie pins once were a standard accessory for every man who owned a tie. Nowadays, a tie pin is rather the exception than the rule. This is probably because people used to dress up more than they do now. Though still, I feel like a tie without a pin is like a cold pizza: pretty decent but not perfect. This is the reason many men who often face the public (like celebrities and CEO’s) almost always wear a tie pin with their tie. Pay attention to it the next time you see a red carpet event. Clip the pin somewhere between the third and the fourth button of your shirt to the shirt and tie and you're good to go.

How to find diamond jewelry that suits me?

Especially when you’re not used to wearing diamond jewelry, it can be hard to decide if it’s something for you. Where should you even start looking? Maybe you’re wondering how diamond jewelry will look on you. Whether you know already exactly what kind of jewelry you want or whether you just want to look around, we invite you to visit us. Our diamond consultants will provide you with real and honest advice to find something that fits you. If you want, you can contact a diamond consultant before you visit us. This way, both you and the consultant have a good idea of what you like and are willing to spend. luxurious watch on blurry background Not really the jewelry type? No problem, we have a great collection of the most beautiful watches. With brands like Piaget, Tag Heuer, Longines and many, many more!
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