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The Best Way to Photograph Your Diamond Jewelry - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Best Way to Photograph Your Diamond Jewelry

The most important things to keep in mind are: 1. The reflection 2. The facets 3. The angle from where you take the shot 4. The movement in the photo 5. How to keep your diamond jewelry clean

The reflection

When taking pictures of diamonds you usually want to avoid your own reflection in the diamond. The reflection of light, however, is beautiful as it makes the diamond shine, but seeing your own reflection or the reflection of your camera on the diamond is not ideal. By turning the camera in the right way, you will eventually find a good angle where the diamond is free from reflection. You will have to try this a few times since this can be tricky. Unfortunately I can’t exactly explain what is the best way to hold the camera; After all, every diamond and every camera is different. So don’t worry, once you have mastered it, you will certainly get the perfect photo in no time Are you already starting to feel like photographing your diamond jewelry? Take a look at this diamond ring for some inspiration! Crown of Light The Crown of Light ring

The facets

The flat cut parts of the diamond are called facets. Diamonds are cut in a special way to ensure ultimate brilliance. If done correctly, it results in a magnificent sparkling diamond. It can be difficult to capture how many facets a diamond has. Nevertheless, you can see the facets in the photo if you take the photo in the right way. Try to frame the facets as clear as possible, because this creates a certain depth in the diamond jewelry and therefore, in your shot. You will amaze everyone with your pictures when the facets will be present in the photo. This diamond consists of countless facets, all impeccably captured in this photo. Are you starting to warm up a bit? Loose diamonds Loose diamonds

The angle from where you take the shot

One might wonder: what difference does it make whether I take pictures from the right, left, top, bottom, and so on? Well, this does actually make a huge difference. You should be aware that the jewel will probably appear flat a bit as soon as you shoot from above. The picture of the diamond will get more depth and appear 3D when you take the photo from the side. However, it is entirely up to you what angle you will take to create the perfect photo. Additionally, the angle from which you shoot determines whether your diamond sparkles or unintentionally looks dull. The best angle differs per set-up. As soon as a dull image appears, this is caused by the fact that light might be trapped in the stone. By all means, try to avoid this. The more the diamond sparkles, the better of course. This piece of diamond jewelry is definitely shot from the right angle! Small Pirouette Ring Crystal VS The Small Pirouette ring Crystal VS

The movement in the photo

When you move a piece of diamond jewelry back and forth, the light reflects on the diamond, making the diamond look shinier in real life than in the picture. Obviously, in the image the diamond is not moving and thus the jewel sparkles less than one would hope. You can’t do much about this, however there are tricks to make the diamond look brighter. Make sure you are located in a room full of light. Once the space around you is dark, this will have an influence on the image of the diamond. The jewel can be very light in real life, but still appear dark in the photo due to the dark environment as no reflection of light will be visible. The background is also important. Preferably, work with a light colored background because that is neutral. No distractions, no dark pieces, the picture is all about your jewelry. At Royal Coster Diamonds, we also often photograph our jewelry on a neutral background. For example, this diamond ring looks best with a neutral light pinkish background. The You and Me Flower The You and Me Flower Ring

How to keep your diamond jewelry clean

Cleaning your diamond jewelry is essential for a good picture. Of course, you don’t want any dull spots or fingerprints visible in the picture. That is why it is important to keep your jewelry clean and regularly polish it. Obviously, it is always essential to keep your jewelry clean, but for a good photo it is even more important. But what is the right way to clean your diamond jewelry for the best results? Here are some tips and tricks: When you wear a piece of jewelry, it is not surprising that dull spots appear at some point due to skin oils, soap, make-up, etc. If this is the case, you can do two things:
  1. Take a bowl of water with liquid dishwashing soap. Then take a clean toothbrush and brush the diamond in the lukewarm soapy water. After cleaning, place the jewel in a sieve and rinse it with warm water. Lastly, pat dry the diamond with a cloth that doesn’t fluff or leave it to dry.
  2. A mixture of water and ammonia also works really well. Use cold water and make sure the ratio is even. Let the jewelry soak for half an hour. Then take the diamond out and let it dry on a cloth.
In addition to maintaining your jewelry regularly, you also have to polish the diamond before you take the perfect photo. You do this to hide fingerprints. Make sure the cloth is soft but doesn’t fluff. Polish the jewelry gently to ensure the best result and let your diamond shine on camera! This diamond bracelet is cleaned each month and we have also polished it properly before the shoot started. A true sparkle is sure to be seen! The Victorian Star The Victorian Star Bracelet

Now it is your turn!

Are you all set? Follow these steps and we assure you that your diamond pictures will be stunning. Do you have any questions or are you still looking for the right diamond jewel to photograph? Schedule a free appointment, contact us by phone or visit our store. You can also visit our webshop for our beautiful products.
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