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The Sapphire Jewelry Guide - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Sapphire Jewelry Guide

Some people actually prefer sapphire over any other type of gem. It is also important to mention that they are less pricy compared to diamonds. Yet they are almost as robust as real diamonds. Besides its dazzling properties and various colors a buyer can choose from, it also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This also means that if you are on a tighter budget, but still want to impress your beloved one. You can easily purchase a decently sized sapphire ring instead of a smaller diamond ring. Besides that, the combination of sapphires and diamonds looks amazing as well. Flower ring with sapphireThe sapphire flower ring from our own collection of rings at Royal Coster Diamonds.


The three most favored designs of this gem are the round, oval, and cushion shape. To give you an idea of the measurements and price we can compare a 6mm round sapphire to a 0.75-carat diamond, which is its precise equivalent. Cut Sapphire The different kind of cuts. You can see the favorite sapphire cuts; round, oval and cushion cut here.


As previously mentioned, sapphires come in a variety of colors. However, pink, green, black, yellow to orange and purple hues are very rare. You can find them under the name "Fancy Sapphires". Another very interesting and amazingly rare variant is the colorless version of this gem. In the past, the colorless sapphire was an excellent alternative or copy of diamonds. Nowadays, collectors and jewelers feel extremely lucky when they come across one. They are practically impossible to find. Besides that, there is also the pinkish-orange variety of sapphire, this one is called the padparadscha. Fancy sapphires Fancy Sapphires in the colors pink, green, orange and blue.


Many people overlook the sapphire's transparency. But when you want to buy a sapphire, please pay attention to its translucency. Or in other words: how much light does the gem let through? Most of the time, clarity and transparency go hand in hand but they are definitely not the same. Although transparency is linked to clarity as inclusions block the light that goes through the gem. So there is a correlation between them. Clarity specifies the type and number of inclusions while transparency specifies how 'transparant' the gem is as the word says for itself. Of course the most desirable gemstone has a high clarity and high transparency. Levels of transparency:
  • Transparent: Objects viewed beyond the gemstone appear sharp, totally see-through.
  • Semi-transparent: Images appear slightly blurry.
  • Translucent: Light is still transmitted.
  • Semi-translucent: Just a small part of the light is transmitted.
  • Opaque: No light passing through.

Meaning of colors

This amazing gem is used to adorn rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and even crowns. Another interesting fact about this stone is that throughout the centuries, different meanings were attached to each color. For instance, the color pink denotes wisdom and reliance, while the deep blue, as you can guess, suggest a royal trait and integrity. Sapphire & Ruby

Rubies & Sapphires

Actually both rubies and sapphires are corundums but if they have the color red, they are called rubies and if they have the color blue, they are called sapphires. Sapphires do not come in the color red. Rubies and Sapphires are the two parts of the gem-varieties of corundum. Both of these gemstones mostly occur in the same places. Overall rubies are more expensive than sapphires. Besides that, both rubies and sapphires have the same hardness on the Mohs Scale. A ruby can't break a sapphire and the other way around.

Famous Sapphire Jewelry

Of course there are a lot of famous jewelry pieces containing sapphire because it is one of the most beloved gemstones. We will highlight a few of the most famous pieces below.

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

kate middleton sapphire ring

One of the most well-known sapphires in the entire world is Princess Diana’s deep Sapphire ring, which now belongs to Kate Middleton. That is a perfect example of an oval sapphire that sits on the crown surrounded by 14 tiny diamonds.

Elizabeth Hurley's Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Hurley Another famous engagement ring is the one from Elizabeth Hurley. She got engaged to Shane Warne when he presented her with this beautiful center sapphire ring. The sapphire has a diamond on both sides. This ring is a perfect example of a center sapphire, which is extremely popular amongst sapphire lovers.

Victoria Beckham's Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham Did you know Victoria Beckham owns 14(!) engagement rings. One of them is this incredible oval cut blue sapphire set on a pavé band. What a stunner is this and so huge! It actually reminds me of the Heart of the Ocean from the Titanic (although that is a blue diamond).

Think of this

When purchasing jewelry adorned with this gem, it is pretty important to know exactly what you are looking for. Deciding on the precise hue beforehand can be really helpful. However, if you just want to be dazzled by its brilliance and have your mind made up at the store…Well, that is quite alright too. Either way, purchasing this gem is a great and affordable investment that will last for decades. woman wearing diamond engagement ring with sapphire

Do you want one yourself?

If you are interesting in buying a sapphire jewelry piece or if you just want to look at what we have, do not hesitate to browse around the website. We have a great variety of sapphire jewels in our collection. Please contact one of our diamond consultants to find the right sapphire that completes all your wants and needs! royal blueThe Royal Blue from our collection.
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