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Birthstone of December: the Turquoise - Royal Coster Diamonds

Birthstone of December: the Turquoise

green turquoise ring

The Turquoise stands for:

  • Balance
  • Inner peace
  • Calming body and mind
  • Insight
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Love
  • Expelling depression, mood swings, and panic attacks
  • Protection against negative energy
real and fake turquoises on wooden table The turquoise provides inner peace. It calms the body and soul during hectic or stressful times. The stone helps to relax and reflect on the beautiful things in life. So those who can use a moment of peace and relaxation can hold the stone for a brief moment. By being in contact with a turquoise, you can relax more easily. This stone helps the stress slide off you.

The turquoise and December

December is the winter- and Christmas month. It is also "the dark month". The name 'December' comes from the Latin word Decem which means 'ten'. Before the modern-day calendar, a year had only ten months. December, the tenth month, was the last. The sky blue variant of the turquoise fit the month of December best. Later on, two months were added: July and August. These are named after the Roman Emperors Julius Cesar and Augustus. Besides turquoise, the precious gem tanzanite is also December's birthstone. turquoise earrings

The Turquoise as a gem and in jewelry

The turquoise thanks its name to its color. This color is widely used in clothing, houses and fashion items. Some believe the stone has medicinal gifts such as described above. This is one of the reasons turquoise is so popular. According to color experts, the characteristic blue-green color stands for deep sympathy and compassion. But because the stone is a combination of two colors, it also stands for love, peace, authority, truth, future, and adaptability. turquoise necklace

Get your gift at Royal Coster Diamonds

Turquoises are sold in many different ways. You can get them in a bracelet, a necklace or a pendant. However, rough stones are also very popular. This makes a turquoise a suitable gift for someone who has his or her birthday in December. Are you looking for a more sparkling (December) gift? Take a look at our diamond jewelry to get inspired or come to see all our items in real life.
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