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The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Your Wedding Rings - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

Get some quick inspiration

It can already help to look online for inspiration. Take a gander on Pinterest and other platforms such as (online) jewelers. This helps you to make an indication of what you like. There are five main factors to take into consideration:
  • Matching versus non-matching
  • Material
  • With or without stones
  • Matching or stacking with an engagement ring
  • Budget
If you’ve considered all five factors, you already are close to finding exactly what you have in mind.

Matching or non-matching wedding rings

One of the first things you want to discuss when you choose your wedding rings is whether or not you want a matching wedding band set. Basically, there are three options. The first option is to each pick a ring you like and wear it as a wedding band. The second option is to look at wedding sets. Your last option is to pick two rings that are not “officially” a set but go good together. set of wedding rings Example of a set of wedding rings

Each their pick

Especially if you have widely varying taste, you may prefer to pick your own ring. Perhaps one likes slender, simple rings while the other prefers flashy large cocktail rings. It may seem like quite an individualistic approach, but in the end you both wear a ring you’re happy with. You both wear a ring as a sign of your love and commitment. But at the same time, here is room for both of you as individuals.

Wedding sets

Though this limits your options, wedding sets are very popular. Classic wedding band sets have two rings. The one for the husband is a broad no-fuss band. The wife has a more slender ring in the same style. Sometimes, her ring contains one or multiple (gem)stones, but we’ll get to that later. Of course, it is also possible to pick two broader rings or two slender rings. Regardless, it is clear that these two rings form a set. two different wedding rings If you don't want a set, you can choose wedding rings that look good together.

Rings that look good together

If you’re not happy with the collection of wedding sets but also not want the rings to differ that much, you may opt for rings that look good together. It may take some more time to find the perfect rings. But basically, this is the golden mean of the above-mentioned options. You can think of rings that have some characteristics in common, like the gold color. But are different in other aspects such as (color of) stones, engravings or symbols. If you hold the rings next to each other, they (more or less) look like a set.

Choose the right material

Choosing the right material means choosing what is right for you. The most popular material for wedding rings is gold. Many people immediately think about yellow gold. But there are actually a lot of different colors. There is also white gold, rose gold, red gold, orange gold and even black gold. choose your wedding rings

Non-gold wedding rings

Even though most people prefer gold, it is by far not the only option. There are also other materials that make fine wedding rings. You can opt for modest material such as silver, for solid material such as stainless steel or titanium. And then there is palladium and platinum which are even more valuable than gold. All materials have their pros and cons. So it all depends on what you prefer.

Bi-color wedding rings

Something we see more and more are so-called bi-color rings. These rings consist of more than one (gold) color. A popular example of a bi-color ring is a combination of white and yellow gold. But the combination of white gold and rose gold is also a beautiful one. Another option is to combine gold with one of the other materials, such as stainless steel or titanium. However, these rings are more difficult to make which means you’ll need to go to a specialized jeweler or goldsmith. bi-color wedding ringsSet of bi-color wedding rings

With or without stones

It is no secret diamonds and gemstones are popular in engagement rings. However, we also see them often in wedding rings. Especially in the ones for brides. Roughly there are a few options:
  • Without any stones
  • With one stone
  • With multiple stones
In the above-mentioned items, stones can mean diamonds, gemstones or a combination of them.

Without any stones

We see this especially for wedding sets: wedding rings without any stones. Men’s rings hardly come with diamonds or gemstones. But women also prefer rings without any fuss, so no diamonds or gemstones.

With one stone

You are probably already familiar with the solitaire engagement ring. But who says only engagement rings have one stone? There are also wedding rings that have one stone, most often a diamond. Usually, wedding rings with one diamond, differ a bit from single-diamond engagement rings. A solitaire engagement ring has often a diamond that is lifted above the metal. Whereas a diamond in the wedding ring is more often nested into the material. Another option we see for a single-diamond wedding ring is the tension set. set of wedding rings Set of bi-color wedding rings. The ring for the bride contains one princess cut diamond.

With multiple stones

This is the option we see most often for wedding rings for women. There are countless options and examples of wedding rings with diamonds (or gemstones):
  • Alliance and semi-alliance rings
  • Offset alliance and semi-alliance
  • Rings with a little row of diamonds
  • Curved wedding band
These four are the most common wedding rings with diamonds. But as you can imagine, the options are endless. Especially if you decide to create your own ring. Alliance and semi-alliance An alliance ring consists of a string of diamonds. The full alliance ring, also called eternity ring, has diamonds around the entire band. A semi-alliance ring consists of a shorter row of diamonds. Usually, this row only covers the top part of the band. an alliance ring goes all the way roundAn alliance ring has a string of diamonds that goes all the way around or covers the top of the finger. Offset alliance and semi-alliance An offset alliance ring looks a lot like a regular alliance ring. But whereas an alliance ring consists of almost only diamonds, in an offset setting, there is also a bigger part of the metal of the ring visible. There is still a (continuous) string of diamonds, but the stones are smaller and you can see more of the rest of the ring. offset wedding ringsOffset semi-alliance leaves room to show more of the metal. Little row of (small) diamonds Usually, a more modern and budget-friendly option is a small row of three or five diamonds. We see this often as part of a wedding band set. The wedding ring for a man has no stones and the one for the woman has a few. Wedding ring with three small diamonds. Curved The curved band is something that goes great with the engagement ring. The curve in the band makes sure there is room for the diamond from the solitaire ring. This curve often contains a number of diamonds. Sometimes they cover the entire band (like an alliance) and other times only on the part that is around the solitaire diamond. curved wedding bandA curved band leaves room for a solitaire diamond in the engagement ring.

Matching or stacking: combining the wedding band and the engagement ring

This factor is especially relevant for the ladies on how to choose your wedding rings. More often than not, the woman wears an engagement ring, but the man doesn’t. The first decision to make is whether or not you want the engagement ring to match the wedding ring. Some choose to wear both rings on the same finger. Yet others wear the engagement ring on their one hand and wedding band on the other. If you are not planning on wearing both rings on the same hand, it does not really matter. But if you want to wear both rings on the same hand or on the same finger, it is important to take the design of the engagement ring into account. Avoid a mismatch between the wedding ring and engagement ring.

How to match the wedding band and engagement ring?

If you want to make sure the wedding and engagement ring go well together, there are a couple of things to take into account:
  1. Don’t clash styles
This might seem like an open door, but two flashy (cocktail) rings don’t go well together. If you already have an extravagant engagement ring, you might want to tone the wedding ring down a little. Just like a minimalistic delicate engagement ring does not go with a bulky wedding band. You have to make sure the rings don’t clash. wedding ring and engagement ringThe alliance ring fits perfectly to the engagement ring with solitaire and pavé.
  1. Match the design of the engagement ring
There are various ways to do so. For example with a curved wedding band as mentioned before. Or a wedding band that matches the band of the engagement ring. Let’s say you have a solitaire engagement ring with a pave on the band. In that case, you can opt for a delicate alliance ring without further ado. If the bands match, the engagement ring and wedding band look like a set.
  1. Match the color of the engagement ring
A white gold engagement ring and a yellow gold wedding ring ís possible. But it is significantly more difficult to match than when both rings are in the same tone. However, different gold colors can be an option. But it is not advised to go for two very different materials as this often looks distracting. choose your wedding rings to match engagement ringsMatch between the wedding band and the engagement ring.


One of the most important factors is, of course, the budget. It is important to have at least an idea of what you want to spend. As you can imagine, a bigger budget means more options. Whereas a limited budget might mean you need to make compromises. You need to find the golden mean: a budget you’re happy with and a ring you’re happy with. You should not spend money you don’t have. But also make sure you love the wedding ring you choose. After all, you wear it for the rest of your life! After taking previous focus points into account, you may already have an idea of what you want. Is it something that fits your budget? Or do you have to make compromises? We don’t have to tell you that a wedding ring with multiple excellent diamonds costs more than a wedding ring without stones. Our blog How to buy a diamond ring on a budget might give you some insights on how to find diamonds for good prices that still look good.

Choose your wedding rings

When you’ve made your decision, it’s time to choose your wedding rings! Keep in mind that many jewelers need at least a couple of weeks (sometimes more than a month) to prepare the rings. Fortunately, at Royal Coster Diamonds, we can prepare the rings in a matter of minutes. We have a collection of 20,000 diamonds in stock. Therefore, most often our goldsmiths can quite easily make the rings that suit you. Because of our extensive stock, we can make (diamond) rings for nearly every budget. Discuss your wishes with one of our diamond consultants. They are happy to help you choose your wedding rings that will last a lifetime of love.
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