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Engagement trend: the engagement watch - Royal Coster Diamonds

Engagement trend: the engagement watch

Take matters into their own hand

Whether they want to make a (big) romantic gesture, want to surprise their man, or simply think it takes their boyfriend too long to propose. There are many reasons why more and more women are popping the question nowadays. girl proposing to her boyfriend on the street However, getting something to propose with can be quite a pickle. How do you propose to a man? Sure, there are a few engagement rings for men. Yet a large part of the market is still focused on engagement rings for women. However, this caused women to be more creative and recently a new engagement tradition arose: the Engagement Watch.

Men love watches

Well, at least most of them do. A lot of men save months or even years to buy that one specific watch they have their eye on. Not unlike diamonds, certain brand watches are very valuable. Some watches even contain diamonds, making them extra special and perfect for a proposal. So if you were to propose to him, getting a watch is actually not a bad idea.

Which brands make a good engagement watch?

Welcome to the world of hard choices. The thing watches and diamonds have in common is that there is a lot to chose from and they all differ a bit. Just like diamonds, the perfect watch is a matter of personal taste. It’s really difficult to attach a brand to a person, but we tried to give you a guideline.

The Dapper Sportsman

Longines is a high-class brand with a history as long and remarkable as Royal Coster. They make impressive luxury watches, inspired by sports and philosophy and built on tradition, elegance, and performance. Two longines watches on a plateau at royal coster diamonds This timeless elegant watch brand has ties with a vast number of major sporting events. Events like tennis, skiing, horse racing and other equestrian sports.

The Tough Guy

When I think of a tough guy, I think titanium, stainless steel, leather, et cetera. You get the picture. In terms of watches, Tag Heuer watches a more affordable alternative to Rolex. If you have a more limited budget, Tag Heuer is a great option. Two tag heuer watches at royal coster Especially men who enjoy Formula 1 and other (car) races will love these watches.

The Hopeless Romantic

The high-end watches of Frederique Constant are a little more subtle than the previously mentioned ones. Two frederique constant watches on display at royal coster However, the elegance of the watches makes up for this and the attention they spend on the details is amazing. Is your man is the kind of person to hold your hand while gazing upon the stars? Then this may very well be his next favorite watch brand.

The Upper-Class Minimalist

Piaget is known for its (often) minimalistic design combined with great quality. piaget watches at royal coster The brand brings the art of ultra-flat technology and the finest jewel-setting together. Therefore, the aesthetically pleasing Piaget watches figure among the most prestigious ambassadors of the watchmaking world.

The perfect engagement watch

I could go on and on about which engagement watch suits which man and which personality. However, at the end of the day, you are the one who knows him best. You probably already have an idea about what kind of timepiece he likes. Just like purchasing diamonds, purchasing a high-end watch is something you can better do offline, in a physical store. No screen can compete with the experience of seeing the watch with your own eyes and feeling it in your own hands. man wearing a watch to his wedding At Royal Coster, we have a broad selection of high-end watches that are certainly suitable as engagement watches. Besides the above-mentioned brands, we have many other beautiful Swiss timepieces. Get in touch with our specialized consultants and find that perfect watch.
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