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The Heart-shaped Diamond - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Heart-shaped Diamond

History of the heart-shaped diamond

Though the heart-shape looks pretty modern, the diamond cut is actually centuries old. It dates back to the late 1400’s when this particular cut was considered a symbol of royalty.

The first heart-shapes

The first time a heart-shaped diamond popped up in history was in 1463. It was mentioned in a conversation between the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Nicodemo. The seed was sown. Almost a century later, in 1562, Mary Queen of Scots send Queen Elizabeth a beautiful ring that contained a heart-shaped diamond. This diamond became one of the most famous heart-shapes in history. In this period of time, it symbolized friendship and goodwill. Another well-known heart-shaped diamond from that time was the 20 carat that was owned by nobleman Cardinal de Richelieu. heart shaped ring

Characteristics heart-shaped diamond

Just like many other diamond cuts, the heart-shape stems from the brilliant cut diamond. This means that a polisher uses the same polishing technique for a brilliant and – in this case – a heart-shape. This is in contrast to other cuts, like step-cuts such as the emerald and the Asscher cut. The heart-shape diamond often has 58 facets. However, this can differ between polishers. Some prefer to make them with 56 or 57 facets.

How to make a heart-shaped diamond?

Heart-shapes are probably one of the more difficult diamond cuts. As you know, symmetry is already very important for diamonds. Look for example at the hearts & arrows in a brilliant cut. But for heart-shapes it is even more important! After all, both sides of the heart have to be exactly symmetrical. heart shaped diamond on black backround

Eye for perfection

Making a heart-shaped diamond starts with a pear cut diamond. When the pear cut is done, the diamond polisher creates a v-shape at the widest part of the pear. Then he rounds both sides. These sides need to be perfectly symmetrical. One wrong move and the symmetry could be lost. That’s why it is crucial that the diamond polisher knows what he does. Only the most skilled craftsmen can successfully create the heart-shaped diamond. heart shaped diamond in tweezers

Consider carat

When you want to purchase a heart-shaped diamond, one of the things you should take into account is the carat. As I explained, the cut is obviously the most important one of the 4 C’s. But carat also plays a vital role. The heart shape is a complex shape. Therefore, to fully enjoy every angle of it, I recommend heart-shaped diamonds from at least 0.50 carat or up. Diamonds that are smaller are harder to immediately recognize as a heart-shape.

Heart-shaped diamonds in jewelry

Since both hearts and diamonds represent love, the heart-shaped diamond is a beloved choice for engagement rings. But also other heart-shaped diamonds are popular, like solitaire earrings or pendants. All and all, the heart-shaped diamond is about the 9th most popular diamond shape.

Heart-shaped hero

Because the heart shape is so distinctive, we mainly see it as the hero in diamond jewelry. After all, if you have something special and unique, you don’t want to hide it. We often find heart-shaped diamonds in rings and necklaces.

Rings with heart-shaped diamonds

A solitaire ring is by far the most popular choice for heart-shaped diamonds. That is because this diamond cut is perfect for a romantic proposal. Usually, the diamond is kept in place by three prongs. heart shaped solitaire diamond ring A heart-shaped diamond in a solitaire ring setting is usually kept in place by three prongs

Necklaces with heart-shaped diamonds

Another beloved option for heart-shaped diamonds are necklaces. Just like the solitaire ring, we often see solitaire necklaces. This means that there is only one – usually a bigger – diamond in it. In this case a heart-shaped diamond. However, we also see diamond-hearts that have a diamond halo around it. A halo is a great way to emphasize the main diamond. Especially when it’s a unique shape such as the heart.

Earrings with heart-shaped diamonds

Last but not least are heart-shapes in solitaire earrings. As you already know, it is very difficult to polish one heart. Let alone make two that are exactly the same! That’s why you don’t see a lot of heart-shaped diamond earrings. If you do find them, they probably come with a certain price tag. Unless the quality of the cuts is poor of course.

Heart-shaped diamonds as side stones?

Some diamond cuts are almost exclusively used as side stones. For example the baguette cut diamond. But there are also many cuts that are often the hero and just as often the sidekick in diamond jewelry. Think about the brilliant cut or the princess cut and the emerald cut. But the heart-shaped diamonds are not often side stones. However, every now and then we use them as the side stones in a trilogy ring. In that case both side stones are a heart shape that “hug” the diamond in the middle. The hugging heart-shapes symbolize an everlasting love for the past, the present and the future. heart shaped diamond ring with halo and side stones A heart-shape is often the hero in diamond jewels. It can have a halo of diamonds for extra sparkles and shoulder stones as sidekicks.

Celebrities with heart-shaped diamonds

Over the years, many celebs rocked the heart-shaped diamond. Every now and then, a lavish proposal with a heart-shaped diamond ring makes the headlines. As you can imagine, the demand of heart-shapes immediately increases after such events. An example of celebrities with heart-shaped diamond rings are:
  • Lady Gaga
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Katie Price
  • Allegra Riggio’s
lady gaga's engagement ring Lady Gaga's diamond heart engagement ring. Source:

Pros & Cons of heart-shaped diamonds

Every diamond cut has its pros and cons. As does the heart-shaped diamond.


Positive features of heart-shaped diamonds are:
  • The meaning: heart shapes symbolize love more than any other diamond cut.
  • Uniqueness: being the 9th most popular diamond cuts, a heart is probably not what other (recently) engaged friends are flashing.
  • Eye-catching: because of its unorthodox shape, a heart-shaped diamond is often a conversation starter.
heart shaped jewelry


While the pros are important, there are also some downfalls for this romantic diamond cut:
  • Poor craftsmanship is a no-go. When you purchase a diamond cut, you have to be absolutely sure you do it at a place that is known for its quality. Nothing breaks my heart more (pun intended) than a poorly cut heart-shape.
  • Only for an acquired taste. The heart-shape is a cut you absolutely love or absolutely hate. Some find it very romantic while others think it is too corny. If you are not sure whether she will love it, you probably shouldn’t take the risk.
two heart-shaped diamonds

What to look for in a heart-shaped diamond?

Are you looking for a heart-shaped diamond? If so, it is important to take the characteristics and the pros & cons into account. The most important thing is that you buy it at a trusted seller that is known for its craftsmanship. We are in the diamond polishing business for 180 years. Our diamond polishers are the best around. Our diamond consultants are trained experts who gladly share their knowledge with you. Contact a diamond consultant now to find your perfect diamond heart.
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