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Different Types of Diamond Earrings - Royal Coster Diamonds

Different Types of Diamond Earrings

Why do we wear earrings?

Over the years, earrings became a symbol of womanhood and a sign of identification. Even in ancient times, women wore earrings. We associate the earlobe with financial stability and social status. As you can imagine, this applies even more with diamond earrings. Earrings are an additional piece women wear to bring out their grace, beauty and elegance. Earrings make her feel divine. Most earrings are designed for women. There is also diamond jewelry for men, including earrings. But most earrings are exclusively designed for women. Diamond studs with emeralds

Different types of diamond earrings

Did you know there are many different types of diamond earrings? I compiled a list for you of the 8 most common ones:
  • Studs
  • Hoops
  • Huggies
  • J-Hoops
  • Drops
  • Dangles
  • Chandeliers
  • Day & night
  • Clip ons

Stud earrings

Stud earrings, or studs, are one of the most famous kinds of diamond earrings. Studs are small, simple earrings. They are fit for everyday use. The size, shape and material of the earrings is a matter of personal taste. However, they all have in common that they are directly attached to the earlobe and don’t dangle. A classic example of stud earrings are solitaire studs. Diamond studs glam up every outfit and you won't have to be afraid to overdo it. We often consider diamond stud earrings as one of the jewelry pieces every woman should own. diamond stud earrings

Hoop earrings

One of the types of diamond earrings that seem to never go out of style are the hoop earrings. Distinctive of the diamond hoops is obviously the shape. These earrings come in many different sizes. From tiny 10 mm hoops to impossibly large hoops that are more than 70 mm! We often see celebrities wearing the latter mentioned huge XL hoops. But many hoops are actually a bit more subtle and sophisticated. A set of small hoop earrings is suitable for an everyday look. Whereas bigger hoops are considered more evening wear. diamond hoop earrings

Huggie hoops

Technically, huggie hoops belong to the subcategory of hoop earrings. But I wanted to mention them separately. Not only because diamond huggies are very popular, but also because they are a bit thicker than regular hoop earrings. You can find them in almost every true diamond lover’s jewelry box. Chances are you also see them on your Instagram feed. From celebrities to influencers, everyone shows how to rock these diamond huggies. The huggie hoop earrings fit closely around the earlobe. It looks like they hug the earlobe, hence the name. Because these earrings fit so tight, the hinge is usually (nearly) invisible when they are worn. huggie hoop diamond earrings

J-Hoop earrings

Another type of diamond earrings that you might expect under hoop earrings are the J-hoops. J-hoop earrings thank their name to their design. Instead of a full circle, the j-hoop looks more like a partial circle. The back of the earring is open. The remaining part of the earring looks like the letter J. Design-wise, j-hoops actually look a lot like huggie hoop earrings, but they don’t go all the way around. j-hoop earrings

Drop earrings

The name already explains it. Diamond drop earrings are those that ‘drop’ just below the earlobe. They are stationary or move just a little bit. Often, the earring is all one piece. In rare occasions, the earrings are not completely solid. For example when there is a diamond or a gemstone hanging on the bottom. But most often, they are simply one whole. Because these earrings are so inflexible, drop earrings are usually not very large. Drop earrings look a lot like dangle earrings. If the drop earring features a pear cut diamond, we call it a teardrop earring. diamond drop earrings with pear cut diamonds

Dangle earrings

People often mistake dangles for drops. A dangle can be a drop but a drop cannot be a dangle. As you know, drop earrings to not move – unless they move together with the body. But diamond dangle earrings typically hang below the earlobe and move. There are countless of styles, sizes and types of dangle earrings. Some are very short and modest, like a single chain dropping from the hook and holding an ornament. But they can also be bigger and have multiple layers. Some dangle earrings are so big, they (almost) reach the shoulder. We call these kind of earrings shoulder dusters. You know, because they dust the shoulder – well, sort of. dangle drop earrings

Chandelier earrings

When you hear the term ‘chandelier’ your mind probably immediately drifts off to lavish ballrooms with chandeliers on the ceiling. Well, your mind is not wrong. But instead of on the ceiling, the chandelier is attached to your ear. Chandelier earrings, or chandeliers in short, are ear jewels that hang like extravagant light fixtures. Just like a chandelier on the ceiling, the chandelier earrings instantly draw the attention. We don’t consider this kind of diamond earrings one for everyday use. You probably spot them more often on formal and festive occasions. woman wearing diamond chandelier earrings

Day & Night earrings

These earrings are known under various names. But most people know them as Day & Night or Day to Night earrings. These diamonds consist of various parts. This means there are multiple ways to wear it. Usually the ‘bare’ part is similar to a stud earring, like a solitaire. There is a separate detachable part that you can attach to it. We call these Day & Night diamond earrings because you can wear the bare part during the day. When you prepare yourself for a glamorous night out, just add the other part and you are ready to go. day & night diamond earrings

Closing mechanisms of diamond earrings

To make this article complete about different types of diamond earrings, I also like to tell you about the different closing mechanisms. These are:
  • Continuous hoop
  • French wire
  • Hinged snap back
  • Leverback
  • Omega back
  • Push back
  • Screw back
  • Clip on

different types of closing mechanisms for diamond earrings

Continuous hoop

For hoop earrings, sometimes the earring post slides into the hollow hoop end. This makes the earring look seamless.

French wire

Also called a ‘fish hook’. This is a curved wire that goes through the pierced earlobe and keeps the earring in place. We mostly see this type of earring closures on dangle earrings.

Hinged snap back

You may have guessed it: hinged earrings spread open at the hinge. A curved post on the inside – often in the middle – of the earring snaps into a latch to secure it. Another word for hinged snap back is a latch back. hinged snap back diamond earringsHinged snap back diamond earrings


This type of diamond earring has a hook that goes through the pierced earlobe and is held in place by a hinged lever. The lever is attached to the back of the earring. Leverback earrings close completely, leaving no rough edges near the sensitive neck and ears. One of the benefits of the leverbacks is that they have a rounded back. This makes them very comfortable to wear.

Omega back

Earrings with an Omega back have a hinged, O-shaped lever on the back of earring, near the bottom. This O closes over the post to keep the earring in place. The Omega back is also known as a French clip back or English lock. One of the most important features of this kind of closure is that it prevents the ear from bending downward at an unflattering angle. pearl earrings with omega back The Omega back is also known as a French clip back or English lock.

Push back

One of the most famous backs of diamond earrings, especially for diamond studs. The push back is a single wire that juts out of the back of an earring. It goes through the pierced earlobe. A separate push-on clip slides onto the wire. The push back has many different names and shapes. They are also known as push back clips, friction backs or tension backs.

Screw back

The screw back actually looks a lot like the push back. It is similar in many ways. The main difference is that the end of the wire of the back of the earring is a sort of screw-thread. Therefore, you cannot “push” the separate part onto the earring. You need to screw it on. This is actually a bit safer because there are fewer chances of losing the back – and thus the earring. Difference between push back and screw back diamond earringsThe difference between a push back (left) and screw back (right) diamond stud earrings

Clip ons

Not everyone has pierced ears. After all, some want to be able to take their earrings off more easily. Some want to buy earrings for children. But the most-heard reason is the desire not to have holes piercing through your flesh. If you don’t have pierced ears, clip-on earrings are a great option. These earrings are attached to your ear by applying a little pressure to it from both sides of the earlobe. There are different kinds of clip ons such as screw backs, magnetic earrings, and sliding springs. Many people are worried that non-pierced earrings fall off. And well, some do! If you do want to purchase clip-on earrings, try to only buy high-quality ones. diamond danglers earrings on boxDangle earrings on a Royal Coster box

Which diamond earrings should I choose?

Now you know the different types of diamond earrings. The kind of earring you choose depends on your personal taste and the occasion. If you look for something for everyday use you may opt for something smaller or more subtle. But if you want to stand out at a special event, you probably want something bigger. If you are struggling to find the pair of earrings you’re looking for, you can always browse our collection of diamond earrings or contact us. Our diamond consultants are standing by to help you find the perfect pair.
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