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Diamond Tiaras - Royal Coster Diamonds

Diamond Tiaras


The word tiara is Greek and originates from the Persian ‘tara’, which was used for head-dresses of Persian kings. Now, it stands for a piece of jewelry a woman wears on top of her head, most of the time on formal occasions.

Tiara vs. crown

Even though the terms are used interchangeably, a tiara and a crown are two different things. A tiara is a type of crown, but not the other way around. And unlike a crown, only women can wear a tiara. The shape is different as well. A tiara is semi-circular and is often placed into the hair, with the focus on the front. A crown, however, is circular and placed on top, covering the head. Also an important distinction: while crowns are worn by royalties only, tiaras are worn by brides and pageant winners as well.


As princess Margaret once said: "The Queen is the only person who can put on a tiara with one hand, while walking downstairs". Over centuries we have seen queens, empresses and princesses wearing tiaras. One more beautiful than the other. They are often passed down by generation and are filled with diamonds and gemstones. Below, we have gathered some of the most sparkling pieces.

The Diamond Bandeau

Starting off with one of our own: the Dutch Diamond Bandeau. This special tiara was once a necklace. The Dutch people gave it to Queen Emma of the Netherlands in 1879. Queen Wilhelmina, Emma’s daughter, had the necklace remade into the tiara in 1937. The stunning diamonds across the bandeau weigh in total more than one hundred carats! Today, the beautiful tiara is a favourite of queen Máxima, who has worn it to many occasions. The Diamond Bandeau Tiara Source: Pinterest

The Kokoshnik Tiara

Protected by a wall of diamonds, you’ll never have a bad hair day. This tiara has a total of 488 diamonds set into 61 platinum bars, just like a Russian Kokoshnik tiara. The tiara is now in possession of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara Source: Pinterest

The Bragança Tiara

Worn by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The Bragança tiara is 12.5 centimetres tall and weighs 3 kilograms! The tiara is originally from Brazil and is still one of the largest tiaras in the world. The Diamond Bragança Tiara Source: Pinterest

The Luxembourg Empire Tiara

Even though the Bragança tiara wins in terms of numbers, the Luxembourg Empire Tiara deserves its place on this list as well. It’s a 19th century piece and now in the possession of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, who wears it to major events. And we can see why! The tiara is over 10 centimetres tall and covered in diamonds; a true showstopper. The Diamond Luxembourg Empire Tiara Source: Pinterest


While many brides say they’ll never wear one, when push comes to shove, a lot of women are following in the footsteps of royals. And why wouldn’t they? Nothing says glamour like a diamond tiara. It’s the ultimate statement piece and finishing touch to any bridal look. You can wear them with an updo or loose hair; the possibilities are endless. Diamond Tiara Want to see more tiaras? The Diamond Museum has one of the largest collection of crowns and tiaras on display. Plan a visit and discover all the amazing diamond products. Want to own one? We can make diamond tiaras in any shape or size! Contact an experienced diamond consultant for advice on creating diamond pieces.
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