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Argyle Pink Diamonds - Royal Coster Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Natural Pink Diamonds

Earlier we already wrote about one of the greatest treasures in the world: the Pink Star Diamond. A beloved diamond, as goes for most of the natural pink diamonds. But did you know only 0.0001% of the diamonds in existence are pink? Natural pink diamonds are amongst the rarest and most luxurious diamonds of the fancy color diamond family. Argyle Diamonds Mine

History of Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle diamonds get their name from their origin. They come from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, which is one of the most famous diamond mines in the world. With around 8 million carats of diamonds a year, the Argyle mine is the leading producer of pink diamonds. The composition of Argyle diamonds is attributed to the Argyle pipe. This is a volcanic pipe made of olivine lamproite. When it erupts, minerals such as kaolinite, micas, zeolite, and clays interact with diamonds during their formation. This creates their beautiful and rare diamonds. Pink Diamond

Game of Tones

The 4 C’s (carat, color, clarity, and cut) concern all diamonds, and Argyle diamonds are no exception. However, the Argyle company has made their own system of grading color. The pink Argyle diamonds are divided into four categories:
  • Purplish Pink (PP)
  • Pink (P)
  • Pink Rosé (PR)
  • Pink Champagne (PC)
The value of Argyle and any fancy color diamonds increases with its color intensity. Visit This ranges from 1 as the highest to 9, being the lowest. The higher the intensity level or the strength of the color, the more expensive the diamond. As most diamonds have at least one secondary color, pure Argyle diamonds are considered very rare and valuable. The Argyle Alpha

Argyle Alpha

The Argyle Alpha lives up to its name. The stone was discovered in 2018 and is the largest-ever vivid pink diamond from the Argyle mine. This emerald cut diamond is a record-breaking 3.14 carats in size. Not too shabby! The diamond is part of a collection of 63 extremely rare pink, red, and violet fancy colored diamonds. Safe to say it's in good company.

Looking for a pink diamond?

At Royal Coster Diamonds, we have the largest collection of diamonds in Europe. Even though pink diamonds are extremely rare, we also have few (natural) pink diamonds in the collection. Book a private consult to get help from one of our diamond experts.
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