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How To Measure

The Hands-on Method​ Measure an Existing Ring
  • 1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper.
  • 2. 2. Wrap one of these objects around your finger. Mark the place where the two end of the measuring object come together.
  • 3. When using string or paper grab a ruler. Lay it on a flat surface and measure to where the marked point is.
  • 4. Use the chart presented above to acquire the correct ring size.
Care of diamond products - Royal Coster Diamonds

Care of diamond products

Diamonds last a lifetime, but sometimes an accident can happen where the diamond can be damaged. To avoid this, here are some tips for caring for diamond products to keep your jewelry sparkling forever.

1. Handle with care

Hold a piece of jewelry by most of the metal, not by the setting or the diamond. Make sure not to wear it during work that could endanger it. Diamond is the hardest material on earth, but it can still attract dirt or even flake. So make sure you always treat your diamond with care.

2. Scratches Happen

A diamond can only be set in max. 18 carat gold. Gold that is too soft or too hard will not hold a diamond sufficiently. However, this means that the gold is soft enough to be scratched. But don't worry, a professional jeweler can easily clean your ring and remove the scratches. At Royal Coster Diamonds, we clean the jewelry you purchased from us free of charge.

3. No chemicals!

There are many chemicals in everyday products that can affect your diamond piece. This is especially the case with rings. So take them off when you use hairspray, do the dishes or take a shower. This is how your diamond stays bright and shiny for a long time.

4. How do you clean it?

When a diamond starts to lose some sparkle, it's time to clean it. Soak it in a bath of water and ammonia (4/5 water; 1/5 ammonia) but no more than 10 minutes, and it will come out sparkling and clean. Use a cloth to dry instead of paper or blow dry with cold air. Of course we can also clean your jewelry for you free of charge.

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