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What is a Trilogy Ring? - Royal Coster Diamonds

What is a Trilogy Ring?

What is a trilogy ring?

A trilogy ring – also often called trinity – is a ring with three stones next to each other. These three stones are usually diamonds. But it’s also possible to have one with gemstones, other precious stones, or a combination of stones. Trilogy rings are pretty unique in their purpose. Solitaire rings are seen as classic engagement rings and other certain bands are regarded as typical wedding rings. However, trilogy rings are suitable for more than one occasion. They are very beloved engagement rings indeed. But they also are popular wedding bands and even friendship rings and promise rings. emerald cut trilogy ring

Different kind of trilogy rings

Roughly, there are two different trilogy rings. One where all three stones are the same size and one where the center stone is (substantially) bigger. In general, people use the second one for proposals and other ones for other purposes. But this is not set in stone as there are no rules for it. The most important aspect is that you opt for a ring you and your significant other like.

The meaning of a trilogy ring

Three-stone rings hold a different meaning than the traditional rings, such as the solitaire. It has the ability to tell the story of your journey together. If you want a ring with a deeper meaning, the trilogy may be just what you’re looking for. As I briefly mentioned, a trilogy ring has various meanings:
  • Past, present and future
  • Friendship, love, and devotion
  • Family
  • The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • To love, honor and cherish

The past, present, and future

The most common meaning of a trilogy ring is the ‘past, present, and future’. That’s why the trilogy is such a beloved engagement ring. Especially three-stone rings with a larger center stone reflect this really well. Three stones represent the different stages of the two of you. The first stone (left) represents the past and all the memories you have together. The middle stone represents the present. It symbolizes the present, including the proposal – hence the bigger stone. The third stone (right) stands for the future together and all the hopes and dreams you hope to fulfill together. As a trilogy engagement ring, this piece of jewelry sends a beautiful message. asscher cut trilogy ring

Friendship, love, and devotion

Friendship, love, and devotion are the three (most) important relations you make in your life. The first, Friendship, represents the close non-romantic bonds you create with friends. Love stands for romantic and non-romantic relations such as a partner, but also family. Devotion stands for the devotion to God. The three aspects are the key to live a fulfilling life. Wearing a trilogy ring that represents these three aspects grounds the wearer. It helps to remind them of the important relations of their existence. diamond trilogy ring in box


The trilogy ring can represent the family in three kinds of ways. The first way is like the spouse (most often the mother) with two children. The center stone represents the parent and she holds her children next to him or her. Another way is for two parents, the couple with MaidThis, and their one child. That is why a trilogy ring is also a beloved push present. The third and final way is that the three stones represent three children. As you can imagine, in this case, all three stones are the same size. diamond trilogy ring

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Remember when I told you some people refer to the trilogy ring as a trinity? That is because of this meaning. In some Christian beliefs, the three stones represent a biblical meaning. Every stone stands for a part of the holy trinity. God is one God, but three coeternal consubstantial persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. In other words: one God in three Divine Persons”.

To love, honor and cherish

During a Western (Christian) wedding ceremony, the partners make each other promises. We call these promises ‘wedding vows’. The main purport of the traditional wedding vow is the promise to Love, Honor, and Cherish. The love stands for the commitment and being there for each other (“for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”). It a promise to demonstrate your commitment, both experiencing the love you receive and expressing your love for each other. Honor is seeing the other clearly. This includes their past and present, strengths and weaknesses, similarities, and differences. Cherish refers to care for and nurture each other. You cherish your partner in ways you express your love, respect, and compassion in everyday life. diamond trilogy ring with gemstones

Trilogy ring: diamonds or gemstones

One of the things I like most about trilogy rings, is the flexibility. You often have the option to design the ring yourself. As you may have guessed: my personal favorite is a trilogy diamond ring. But honestly, a trilogy ring with a gemstone has also its charm. For example an emerald trilogy ring or a sapphire trilogy ring. A gemstone or other (semi) precious stone as center stone makes the ring even more personal. You can opt for your partner’s birthstone, or simply a stone you know he or she loves. No matter what you chose, it’s hard to go wrong with a trilogy ring. diamond trilogy ring

Tip: the Royal Trilogy Ring from Amsterdam

Given the popularity of Meghan's engagement ring, we decided to do something fun for those interested in trilogy rings. Customers come to us because of our rich history, the high quality of our diamonds, and because they can experience the diamond cutting process up close. We decided to combine these three aspects and design the Trilogy ourselves and turn it into a film. So everyone can see in a few minutes how the Royal Trilogy is made and which parts are involved. If you are looking for a diamond trilogy ring, browse our online collection of diamond rings. Or ask one of our diamond consultants to help you find the perfect trilogy. They can help you – no strings attached – and always keep your wishes and budget in mind.
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