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Proposal Ideas - Royal Coster Diamonds

Proposal Ideas

Before you propose you should think to yourself what kind of proposal your partner would like, do they like to be the center of attention or would they prefer a small intimate proposal? The first important decision is to choose a good ring, if you are not experienced with this you can check out our most popular engagement rings. The options for a good proposal are endless but it is important to make the proposal personal, show them that you know them well.


If there is a location that is really important for your relationship, then that could be the perfect place to propose. If you don’t have a place like that, maybe take your partner to one of their favorite places or a place they have been dreaming about. This could be their favorite beach, their favorite country, an amusement park or even their dream hotel. You either do it at a meaningful location or you give meaning to a new location. At this location you can make it a big proposal where you two will be the center of attention or you can keep it really small, this all depends on your preferences.


The best way to propose is as a surprise, make sure your partner does not know what you planned. You can do this when you’re alone, at a completely unexpected time or you can plan it out. If you know your partner would like to have family or friends with them on a special moment like that, you can have a surprise party. This could be at home or at a restaurant or bar you always go to. This way you can celebrate with friends immediately after your partner said yes.

Big Proposal

If you both like to travel, you could go to a really nice rooftop or a really nice waterfall and propose with a nice view or even propose on a yacht or in an airplane with the help of the flight attendants. Of course you have to do research for this and contact the airline about it. If you both like the same music artist or talkshow you can try this as well, try to contact their management to ask if you can propose during their concert or on tv, this is a big shot but worth the try if you don’t mind all the people For a big proposal you might need a big ring, maybe this solitair is something for you:

Include someone special

If you already have a baby together or you have a pet that you two deeply care about, then you could include them in your proposal. If you have a dog you could have the dog walk up to your partner with either a ring or a letter that says there is a surprise. After which you stand behind them with a ring. Another option is asking your friends or family to help you by holding up a sign or to let up balloons or throw rose petals.

Instagram worthy

In today's time people usually take pictures of special events to remember them forever or to put them on social media. If you or your partner find this important then make sure you both wear pretty outfits and both your hands look good as well. If you don’t mind it being a public proposal, you could ask some of your friends to take pictures or film it for you.

Look up to the sky

A way to have a very extravagant proposal without it being too public is by making it appear in the sky. Go to a nice place and make the words appear in the sky. You could do this at night with fireworks or drones or by day with an airplane with a banner or a hot air balloon with the text printed on it, which you could even fly away with if your partner says yes! But make sure to look up so you don’t accidentally miss it!

Small and intimate

When the attention of proposing is not your thing you can always decide to make it a proposal for just the two of you, this makes it more intimate and there are some great options. Use roses or your partner's favorite flowers and candles and propose at home or go for a picnic at a cute spot. Most of the options given above can be done when there are no people around as well, just make sure this proposal is all about you two. If you decide to propose, make sure it is all well planned and it shows you put a lot of time and effort into it so your partner knows you are willing to put in the effort and you really are ready for the next step.

For more inspiration you can always take a look at our pinterest board about proposals. Are you now ready to propose but are you still looking for a ring or watch? View our assortment in the online shop or make an appointment to visit us for an engagement ring or an engagement watch. For questions or more information, please contact our diamond consultants.

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