At the heart of it. Since 1840.

At the heart of it. Since 1840.

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Our Legacy Of 180 Years Of Diamond Craftsmanship

The world’s oldest and most trusted diamond factory has a rich and compelling history. Royal Coster Diamonds is around for a long time, dating back all the way to at least 1840. Actually, Mr. Coster founded his company before that date, but we just cannot prove it. Therefore, we stick to what we do know. Let us tell you more about our eventful history. A few of our highlights are:

Blog posts

Amsterdam; City of Diamonds - Royal Coster Diamonds

Amsterdam; stad van de diamanten

Door Robert Groot

Hoe is Amsterdam the City of Diamonds geworden? Amsterdam is al meer dan 400 jaar de diamantstad. Het verhaal over hoe Amsterdam de diamanthoofdstad van de wereld werd, begon eigenlijk...

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Brief History of Diamonds - Royal Coster Diamonds

De korte geschiedenis van diamanten

Door Robert Groot

In de hectische dagen van constante drukte helpt de kleine schittering van een diamant je om even stil te staan en de zorgen van de wereld te vergeten. Neem die...

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