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Top 20 Celebrity Engagement Rings - Royal Coster Diamonds

Top 20 verlovingsringen van beroemdheden

2020: Jenna Dewan

Engagement ring 2020

Source: Instagram Not only did Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee just have a baby boy, they also got engaged March this year! Steve popped the question with a diamond ring custom made by Nikki Reed's brand Bayou With Love.

About the bling

Fiancé: Steve Kazee Ring: A 3-carat marquise cut diamond Price: An estimated $100,000 Proposal: February 2020

2019: Jennifer Lopez

2019 engagement ring Jennifer Lopez

Source: Pinterest It's not the first diamond engagement ring Jennifer Lopez received, but definitely the biggest. The couple got engaged after 2 years of dating. And the scenery could have been worse; Rodriguez popped the question in sunny Bahamas.

About the bling

Fiancé: Alex Rodriguez Ring: A 16-carat emerald diamond Price: Reportedly $1.8 million Proposal: March 2019

2018: Paris Hilton

2018 engagement ring Paris Hilton

Source: Pinterest In 2018 Chris Zylka went down on one knee and proposed to Paris Hilton with a stunning 20-carat pear shaped diamond ring. And who would say no to that? Unfortunately the engagement didn't last long; the couple split only 10 months later.

About the bling

Fiancé: Chris Zylka Ring: A 20-carat pear cut diamond Price: $2 million Proposal: January 2018 Called off: November 2018

2017: Cardi B

2017 engagement ring Cardi B

Source: Pinterest Cardi B and Offset have been in and out of a relationship for years. However, during this time she never took off her gorgeous pear-shaped engagement ring.

About the bling

Fiancé: Offset Ring: An 8-carat pear cut diamond Price: $500,000 Marriage: September 2017

2016: Eva Longoria

2016 engagement ring Eva Longoria

Source: Pinterest With Eva Longoria and her husband José Bastón it was love at second sight. The first time they met eachother, there was no chemistry at all. Eva reportedly said to not even have the memory of meeting him. The second time, their mutual friend re-introduced them and there were immediate sparks!

About the bling

Fiancé: José Antonio Bastón Ring: A ruby center stone surrounded by diamonds Proposal: January 2016 Marriage: May 2016

2015: Lady Gaga

2015 engagement ring Lady Gaga

Source: Pinterest Their engagement seemed like a fairytail. Less than a year after being proposed to with this stunning heart shaped diamond, Lady Gaga called off the engagement. Due to long-distance and complicated schedules they didn't work as a couple anymore.

About the bling

Fiancé: Taylor Kinney Ring: A 6-carat heart-shaped diamond Price: An estimated $500,000 Proposal: February 2015 Called off: July 2016

2014: Amal Clooney

2014 engagement ring Amal Clooney

Source: Pinterest Almost 6 years of marriage and two kids. Amal and George Clooney are definitely couple goals. After some home made pasta accompanied by champagne, George asked her to marry him. After being in shock for a good 20 minutes, she said yes! And how couldn't you, with such a diamond?

About the bling

Fiancé: George Clooney Ring: An ethically mined emerald cut 7-carat diamond with two tapered baguettes Price: An estimated $750,000 Proposal: April 2014 Marriage: September 2014

2013: Kim Kardashian West

2013 engagement ring Kim Kardashian West

Source: Pinterest The proposal of Kanye West to Kim Kardiashian might be the biggest one on this list. Best of all: they filmed the whole process. West proposed at a baseball stadium with a 50-piece orchestra and a Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring. A beautiful start of a wonderful marriage.

About the bling

Fiancé: Kanye West Ring: A 15-carat flawless cushion cut diamond Price: An estimated $2 million Proposal: October 2013 Marriage: May 2014

2012: Blake Lively

2012 engagement ring Blake Lively

Source: Pinterest A couple who laughs together, stays together. And that sure is the case with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. These two are no strangers to pulling pranks to eachother both offline and online for the world to see. However, one thing they didn't share with the world was their proposal. We don't even know when they got engaged. What we did see? The stunning 12-carat oval diamond engagement ring. A true showstopper!

About the bling

Fiancé: Ryan Reynolds Ring: A 12-carat oval cut diamond with micro-pavé band Price: An estimated $2 million Proposal: Unknown Marriage: September 2012

2011: Jessica Biel

2011 engagement ring Jessica Biel

Source: Pinterest Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been together on and off for over 11 years. The couple briefly split up in 2011 before getting engaged. But after that they were as strong as they could be. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and are still together with a small addition to their family: a son!

About the bling

Fiancé: Justin Timberlake Ring: A 6-carat diamond flanked by aquamarine stones set in blackened platinum Price: An estimated $130,000 Proposal: December 2011 Marriage: October 2012

2010: Kate Moss

2010 engagement ring Kate Moss

Source: Pinterest Kate Moss and Jamie Hince lasted for 6 years in total after the proposal in January 2010. Even though they aren't a couple anymore, they're considered the friendliest of exes of because of how they treat eachother. Just how it should be.

About the bling

Fiancé: Jamie Hince Ring: A custom creation inspired by sketches of the ring F. Scott Fitzgerald designed for his wife Price: An estimated £67,000 Proposal: January 2010 Marriage: July 2011 Divorce: 2016

2009: Emily Blunt

2009 engagement ring Emily Blunt

Source: Pinterest Emily and John are together for 10 years and counting. The couple got engaged in 2009, which was a proposal full of tears. Of joy, ofcourse!

About the bling

Fiancé: John Krasinski Ring: A 3-carat round cut diamond set in platinum and flanked by baguettes Price: An estimated $100,000 Proposal: August 2009 Marriage: July 2010

2008: Beyoncé

2008 engagement ring Beyoncé

Source: Stylecaster.com The ultimate power couple in the entertainment industry: Beyoncé and Jay Z. We don't know a lot of the proposal, but we do know that the ring on her finger is stunning! Jay Z certainly knows how to put a ring on it.

About the bling

Fiancé: Jay Z Ring: A reported 18-carat center diamond Price: An estimated $5 million Marriage: April 2008

2007: Salma Hayek

2007 engagement ring Salma Hayek

Source: Pinterest Salma and François have been together for over a decade. In March 2007 he proposed with a stunning 5-carat oval cut diamond with a three stone setting. And we are in love!

About the bling

Fiancé: François-Henri Pinault Ring: A 5-carat oval cut diamond with a three stone setting Price: An estimated $65,000 Proposal : March 2007

2006: Katherine Heigl

2006 engagement ring Katherine Heigl

Source: Pinterest Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley met in 2005, when Katherine starred in Kelley's music video for his song Only you. Almost thirteen years and three children down the road, they are still going strong.

About the bling

Fiancé: Josh Kelley Ring: A 3-carat pear-shaped diamond Price: An estimated $200,000 Proposal: June 2006

2005: Heidi Klum

2005 engagement ring Heidi Klum

Source: Pinterest Heidi Klum and Seal had a whirlwind extravagant relationship. So this big 10-carat canary yellow diamond doesn't come as a surprise. Even though this couple was relationship goals before it even was a thing, they unfortunately split up in 2014.

About the bling

Fiancé: Seal Ring: A 10-carat canary yellow center diamond set in a yellow gold band of pavé diamonds Price: An estimated $150,000 Marriage: May 2005 Divorce: October 2014

2004: Kate Beckinsale

2004 engagement ring Kate Beckinsale

Source: Pinterest It was a marriage that didn't last long. Even so, we can't get over this emerald-cut diamond ring Len Wiseman used to pop the question. And it wasn't cheap either! The ring was bought for approximately $1.4 million.

About the bling

Fiancé: Len Wiseman Ring: An emerald cut diamond set on a band of micro-pavé diamonds Price: An estimated $1.4 million Marriage: May 2004 Divorce: November 2015

2003: Gwyneth Paltrow

2003 engagement ring Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: Pinterest Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin met eachother in 2002 and had been married for over 10 years, when they decided to get a divorce in July 2016. But just lilke Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, they are still on good terms. In 2019 they were even spotted going on a double date together with their respective partners.

About the bling

Fiancé: Chris Martin Ring: An asscher cut diamond on a double-pavé band Price: An estimated $90,000 Marriage: December 2003 Divorce: July 2016

2002: Gwen Stefani

2002 engagement ring Gwen Stefani

Source: Pinterest Even though it's all about Gwen and her new love Blake at the moment, we can't forget the engagement ring she got from former husband Gavin Rossdale. This 8-carat diamond costs around $4 million and therefore definitely deserves a place on this list.

About the bling

Fiancé: Gavin Rossdale Ring: An 8-carat diamond Price: An estimated $4 million Proposal: January 2002 Marriage: September 2002 Divorce: April 2016

2001: Vanessa Laine Bryant

2001 engagement ring Vanessa Laine Bryant

Source: Pinterest The ring that is known as the apology ring. Vanessa allegedly received this ring as an atonement after her husband's mistake of adultery. She accepted the apology as well as this stunning 8-carat diamond ring.

About the bling

Fiancé: Kobe Bryant Ring: A 8-carat diamond Price: Unknown Proposal: April 2001

2000: Brooke Shields

2000 engagement rings Brooke Shields

Source: Pinterest Last but definitely not least! The legendary supermodel and actress Brooke Shields has been rocking this stunning rock since July 2000 already. Luckily, she and her husband Chris Henchy are still together.

About the bling

Fiancé: Chris Henchy Ring: A center diamond surrounded micro-pavé-set diamonds Proposal: July 2000 Marriage: April 2001

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