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Royal Coster
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How To Measure

The Hands-on Method​ Measure an Existing Ring
  • 1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper.
  • 2. 2. Wrap one of these objects around your finger. Mark the place where the two end of the measuring object come together.
  • 3. When using string or paper grab a ruler. Lay it on a flat surface and measure to where the marked point is.
  • 4. Use the chart presented above to acquire the correct ring size.
The Concertgebouw - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Concertgebouw

The Concertgebouw is the Royal Concert Hall of the Netherlands, where the most beautiful classical, jazz and world music pieces are performed. Not only the Dutch philharmonic Orchestra plays in these halls, there are many more other musicians whom show their art form here. It has hosted illustrious names as Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Cecilia Bartoli, Louis Armstrong, Sting, and may more. The Concertgebouw is one of the most well visited concert halls in the world, they have over 900 events, and more than 700.000 visitors a year. It is located at the foot of museum square in Amsterdam, and is easily reachable by public transport.

The Concertgebouw is not only famous for the amazing performances, also the building is very impressive. Built in 1886, it still has unparalleled acoustics; with the original organ still in place. This building is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, and it leaves a lingering impression. The Concertgebouw also provides a tour of the building with a professional guide, whom can tell you all about this historic landmark. On wednessdays in April, May and June from 12:30 until 13:00, the Concertgebouw will host a free Lunch concert in the Large and Small hall of the Royal building. The program of the lunch concerts will be made available on the website a week beforehand. There will be more free lunch concerts in November 2016. Due to the high interest in these concerts, it is advised to attend 30 minutes before the show starts. If you are interested in attending a tour, or for a full list of concerts, please visit: https://www.concertgebouw.nl/en/

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