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Canal festival - Royal Coster Diamonds

Canal festival

This festival is held during the 12th until the 21st of August in the centre of Amsterdam, during these days the concerts are mostly given in the evening and late afternoon. At the Canal festival, classical music concerts are performed on stages by the water, or in some cases even on podia on the water. This festival draws not only the Dutch public, but also thousands of classical music lovers from all over the world. There is room for everyone, even when you arrive later and you can’t sit next to the stage.

You can view the concerts from a bit further away without compromising, as the acoustics in the canal area are really good. Moreover, this festival gives the opportunity to young musicians to take the next step in their music careers. You can enjoy the future generation play their music in a fresh and new way. As the musicians play, the audience can enjoy the music from the canal side or their own boats. Come enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and beautiful music at the canal festival, for more information on the program, visit:

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