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Wedding Day Diamonds - Royal Coster Diamonds

Wedding Day Diamonds

You probably already have your diamond engagement ring. But you can also incorporate other diamond jewelry into your bridal wear. From the blushing bride herself to the bridesmaids and maid of honor. Everyone sparkles with the right wedding day diamonds. Let me tell you about the importance of wedding day diamonds. And how you can adorn yourself and your bridal party with some sparkling bling. wedding day diamonds

Bridal jewelry tips & tricks

  1. Keep it simple. Remember that simplicity is elegance. Perhaps you love being the center of attention. In that case, you want to sparkle and shine as much as possible. But remember, for most brides the focus lies on the wedding dress. So your diamond jewelry should not draw the attention from your dress. And you don’t want another piece of diamond jewelry to outshine your engagement ring!
  2. Go for diamonds. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” So what is more appropriate at the most beautiful day of your life? Diamonds are timeless and true. That’s why you can incorporate them into the rest of your bridal attire. Just don’t go overboard!
  3. Get them sparkly clean. Perhaps you already have some diamond pieces you want to wear for your wedding. Over time, they are not squeaky clean anymore. Make sure to clean your diamond jewelry before the wedding. Or even better: to have them professionally cleaned before your wedding. Did you know we clean your diamond jewelry for free?
  4. Feel free to mix it up a bit. An elegant pearl necklace is simple yet classy. As well, pearl-drop earrings are dainty and feminine. Don’t overdo it with diamonds. Add in some other precious gems and metals as well. But remember the star of your wardrobe is your engagement ring (and eventually your wedding band!) These rings are the highlight of your wedding day diamonds.

Wedding Day Diamonds for the Bride and Her Attendants

So which diamonds and diamond jewelry can you wear? As the bride (to be) you can wear whatever you want. It is your day after all. But as a guest, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for everyone. bride with bouquet

Diamond Earrings

Earrings complete an entire look. There are many different styles and lengths. So choose the diamond earrings that match your hairstyle. With an updo, choose something simple and elegant like small bangles or studs. Small earrings work well with any eye color and any facial structure. A tiny diamond stud will add just the amount of shimmer! With loose hair, earrings are less noticeable. That’s why you can go big! Like larger drop style earrings. This type of earring also works well with updos but make sure it doesn’t look like too much. Unless you want your earrings to stand out of course. Statement earrings can look amazing. But keep the rest of your accessories simple if you opt for a couple of big ones. woman holding diamond earrings

Diamond Bracelets

For brides, a diamond bracelet is somewhat tricky. A bracelet can easily distract from the beauty and significance of the engagement ring and the wedding band. If you set your mind on wearing a diamond bracelet, wear it on the hand opposite to your engagement ring. For wedding guests it’s easier. Diamond bracelets are perfectly acceptable for the bridesmaids. Especially tennis bracelets are a popular choice for bridesmaid jewelry. putting on diamond bracelet

Diamond Necklaces

Unless you have a high-necked wedding dress, a necklace is a stunning addition to your look. In particular a low cut bridal gown is a great way to show off a diamond necklace. But don’t go for anything too extravagant, as you do not wish to divert attention from your wedding gown. Bridesmaids may also adorn a simple, yet elegant, diamond necklace. Keep in mind that these as well should not clash with their dresses. bride wearing diamond necklace

Diamond Studded Tiara

Do you prefer a tiara over the traditional bridal veil? You’re not alone. A dainty and jeweled bridal tiara can complete your look for an elegant and sophisticated feel. Why not go all out and get a diamond-studded bridal tiara? You look and feel like a queen in a classic tiara adorned with tiny, sparkling diamonds. So what about bridesmaids. Sure, they can wear tiaras. But only as long as the bride specifically tells so and they are smaller and simpler than the bride’s tiara. If you are not sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry and don’t wear one. bride holding tiara I hope this helped you to narrow down your selection for wedding day diamonds. Check out our gorgeous diamond jewelry. I am sure you will find the perfect diamond wedding jewelry to complete your bridal look. If you need any help, feel free to contact our trained diamond consultants. They are happy to help you with your jewelry for your big day!
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