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The Graduation Diamond: the Most Meaningful Gift - Royal Coster Diamonds

The Graduation Diamond: the Most Meaningful Gift

The graduation diamond

It is quite common to give the graduate a present shortly after the ceremony. Many people opt for flowers but perhaps you rather choose something that lasts forever: a graduation diamond. A graduation diamond is a growing brilliant. It means you start out with a (small) diamond. Over time, you “grow” this diamond by updating it at certain milestones. For example the 21st birthday, a new job, marriage or becoming a parent. woman wearing solitaire diamond pendant

The symbolic meaning of a graduation diamond

In many cases, graduation is the moment the student becomes an adult. It is the moment they leave the family home and spread their wings. More often than not, it is a very emotional moment for both the parents and the graduate. Just like true, pure love, a diamond lasts forever. That’s why it is such a beloved graduation gift. The young adult can wear the diamond every day. With this, he or she can always carry their parents’ love with them wherever they go. emotional parents at graduation daughter

How does the growing brilliant process work?

Updating a diamond is part of the lifetime warranty certain jewelers provide, including Royal Coster. This means it is always, at any time, possible to switch the first diamond with a more valuable one. Since you change the old diamond for a new one, you get a full refund for it. Therefore, you only have to pay for the surplus-value.

Rules and regulations

The main “rule” for the growing process is the value. The value of the new stone has to be at least 25% higher than the old one. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you purchase your daughter a pendant with a € 500 diamond in it for her graduation. On her birthday, you want to give her a new diamond. This can be a:
  • Bigger one (higher carat);
  • Whiter one (better color);
  • Clearer one (better clarity);
  • Different shape (another cut).
The retail value of the new diamond needs to be at least 25% higher. In the case of this example, at least € 625. However, you do not have to pay the whole retail price. You only pay the 25% extra in exchange for the old diamond. In this case, that is € 125. Of course, it is also possible to choose an even more valuable diamond. There is no maximum amount in regards of updating the old one. Diamond necklaces at different sizes

The setting of a graduation diamond

We most often see graduation diamonds in a solitaire necklace or pendant setting. This jewel setting has only one diamond in it. It is especially beloved by young women who receive it as a present from their parents. Another option is a solitaire ring – a ring with only one stone.

Other possibilities

The update option mentioned above, switch the old diamond for a new one, is the one most often used. However, some people prefer to keep the original diamond. After a certain amount of years, they grew fond of it. In that case, they opt to add a new diamond as well. When you have two diamonds with the same specifications, it is possible to turn your solitaire pendant into diamond earrings. Or change your solitaire ring into a “you & me” diamond ring with two stones. solitaire earrings in box

Graduation diamond for men

A pendant or solitaire necklace with a diamond is a lovely gift for young women. However, most men prefer something else. If you know the freshly graduate does not like diamond jewelry, you can also opt for a brand watch. High-end watches can be just as luxurious as a diamond. When you take good care of it, a refined watch can last for ages.

Get a graduation diamond

Are you looking for a special graduation diamond? You can drop by at our diamond factory in Amsterdam or book an online consult. Either way, our diamond consultants are standing by to help you with your decision.
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